Friday, May 7, 2010

Don't Mind Me...

First, an apology to the three of you who check this regularly.   I have been trying to post regularly on Tuesday and Thursday and I am back on the wagon next week, okay!  I have been struggling with MATERIAL this week.  But today I have a little time to "catch up."  Love to you all.

Don't Mind Me

Don't Mind Me... teachers of my neighbor boy.  I know I am texting him all day when he is in school.  But I need someone to take care of my dog, who I nearly forgot to arrange plans for, while I am gone Friday night.  Such a bad puppy parent.  Thankfully, he works super odd hours, so between him and his folks Josie will probably be more spoiled than when we're home!

Don't Mind Me... I'm just finally putting away the laundry I washed and folded last Friday.  Boy, these baskets look like they have been sifted through all week while a certain someone dug out just the clothes he needed for the day and left the rest in the basket.  Odd...

Don't Mind Me... unhelpful and rude lady at Mulhalls.  I could go another 28 years without you yelling out over your walkie talkie "I'm sending someone your way in a RED SWEAT SHIRT."  You don't have to talk about me like I'm not three feet from you!  And don't mind me, but directions like "Go down that way and then turn half way down" are not enough in a HUGE nursery.  If Hy-Vee walks me to the product and their aisles are numbered, surely you can do better.

Don't Mind Me... man who DID NOT meet me and my red sweat shirt near the house plants.

Don't Mind Me... man who gets the Mulhalls website e-mails who got a nasty gram from me today. (Oh heavens, update, I just got a message from Mr. Mulhalls himself.  He wants to talk about my experience and make it better...stay tuned)

Don't Mind Me... Yon, the lady who threads my eyebrows.  I'm not sure "You have really long eyebrows" is a compliment, but I'll take it.

Don't Mind Me... to the 1200 people who will listen to me preach on Sunday.  I just broke out in a sweat thinking about it.  I borrowed a sweater to wear, the manuscript is in, the program is done... so all that's left is... me.  (This, by the way, explains my non-posting this week.  Every last minute I had without daycare was spent on it!  I have been preaching to my closet doors all week.  Don't mind the crazy lady next door who talks to herself all day...)

Don't Mind Me... to the people who I have (basically) stole stuff from off Craigslist this week.  And to my neighbors, I know it seems funny that we keep coming home with the trailer loaded up with something... but we went on a poor man's shopping spree.  We love our new daybed, table and chairs, and weight set.

Don't Mind Me... to the landscaping company.  Our yard was suppose to be done by Easter.  I know it has been raining a lot.  And we're not in a big hurry.  Just communicate with us a little better next time, okay.  We still love you, and your super reasonable prices.

Don't mind me... to everyone who has called my son a girl.  We got his hair cut, okay.  Gosh, I love being his mom, especially on days like today when we're stretching his nap to 3 hours.  (Don't mind my son's Capri pants, I like them.)

Don't Mind Me... to my sister-in-law, Becky.  I'm sorry that I call you everyday because I don't know what to do or how to be a mom.  You are very helpful.  My son sleeps regularly and for long periods of time because of you.  And you challenge me to choose love.  And you give me blog ideas, like this one, even though you insist I give you the credit...  which I do so gladly. (hahahaha)

Don't Mind Me (and my bf Beth)... Gap employees.  We had a ball in your store yesterday, finding everything from shorts to swimsuits and lounge wear.  We love your store.  We will be back many, many times.  Thank you, Beth, for encouraging me to try on new things and looking the other way when I spend way too much money on a super cute pair of shorts that I might wear everyday this summer.

Well, for sure this is enough for one day!  Happy reading and have a wonderful weekend.  Come back Tuesday for a Sunday Sermon Recap.

On the Journey.

This reminds me that I should tell you all I am counting points again, writing them down, and all.  I just really do want to lose a few more pounds.  I told myself that if I do this for eight weeks without cheating (meaning I stop counting) that I will buy myself some new Big Stars to replace the ones Kohls took from me.  So I'll have an update on that next week, too.

(Again) On the Journey,



  1. HAHAHA!! Yes, DON'T MIND ME, I WILL take credit for this awesome idea for a blog. I am a simple housewife, I need entertainment during the day. Your blog never disappoints, thanks for the fun read!!!! Love ya to death ;)

  2. Don't mind me, but someone ELSE also picked through the clothes....okay - it may have been Dekker, helping me to pick through them...

  3. Dekker, Josie and I are up here eating a can of peaches, and Dekker is saying that he for sure picked through a laundry basket or two looking for PJ's this week! Love You Dear.

  4. I just read this again and laughed really loud again-especially at the part where you are going to replace the jeans that Kohl's TOOK from you, hahaha, so dang funny!

  5. Tell Yon I said hello! I'm sure she meant it as a compliment when she said you had long eyebrows, what else can you compliment someone on when you are threading them off? LOL! Anyway, seriously, tell her hello, I haven't seen her in forever and I miss her!