Friday, May 28, 2010

God Love Fridays

The Return of Aunt God Love...

God love the 2.2lbs I lost on Weight Watchers this week.  God love the 2 point ice cream bars that made it possible, Sarah Lee Delightful bread, whole wheat pasta, Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Lattes, and a cold that made most things taste bland anyway.  Because you know that Fat makes food taste good, right.  Low fat= low taste.  No matter how you shake it.

God love my family, who visited last week.  Today I realized you only had Sun Ripened Raspberry body wash in the shower.  I thought you were a great smelling bunch.

God love the Starbucks drive through.  I spilled my Diet DP in my cup holders last FRIDAY and hadn't cleaned it up today when I drove through.  Where's a gal to put her new latte?  Thank you for the one napkin you gave me upon request.  Upon further request ("Can I have a few more... I have a little spill here..."), thanks for the ONE additional napkin.  Clearly, you have a napkin shortage that I don't know about.  Is this why your prices are so reasonable?  Hahahaha.  That is a joke.  $4 for a latte is RIDICULOUS but I love them.

God love the Starbucks re-fillable card.  I have always thought adding money to a gift card was a lame idea until I started loving lattes on a budget.  Now when the money is gone, it's gone until the next month.

God love adulthood.  This last week I bore myself to tears talking about and thinking about insurance declaration forms and competing prices.  We started using Target brand diapers.  Please, send me back to B Street and Mac's Drive In!

God love antibiotics.  I can now swallow.  God love the PA who saw me.  I was nearly in tears... a royal hot mess.  I thought I had strep throat and you told me it was an EAR infection that had my glands out of sorts.  Well, my bad... wrong body part.  I can't swallow... I assumed that meant throat.  I think I saw you holding back a little laugh.  And I'm sorry about my looks.  I am realizing that I look awful most times I end up in the doctor.  No sleep, no make-up, crying and feeling awful (or going through this with a sick kid) just does not look good on me.

God love my husband.  He bought me sweet-tarts.  I am on a diet, honey.  And I can't suck the fantastic sugar off these.  I am basically licking them.  But I'll choke them down.  Dog gone it, they are so good! (You know how to cheer me up!)  One roll is 3 points.  Totally worth it to me.

God love people with convertibles in Nebraska.  You are living in the 30 good days a YEAR here to sport one... so enjoy it while you can.  Soon it will be so hot you'll wish your garage was air conditioned just to walk to your cool car.

God love Kendra.  Your "shocking" Season Finale has given me something to look forward to all week.  Let's just give a fist pump for the E! Network as a whole.  I love you.  I try not to watch TV with Dekker all day... but you are my weak spot.  Sometimes you play movies and I am secretly relieved.  "Trash In, Trash Out."

God love a sunrise before 10AM.  Seriously.  It feels great to get up at 7 and know that the sun has beat me up long ago.  Thank goodness it's not -19, windy and snowing anymore.  I love, love, love spring and fall!

God love my friend, Sara C.  You stalk my blog and I love you for it.  You are going to be a MOM.  Get ready for a fantastic ride that will change your life!  We are so excited for you and Mark-y and Baby J.  You will be awesome parents and I hope you get as much a kick out of parenthood as we do.

And... God Love Fridays!

On the journey,


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  1. God love you, Stefanie Mae, for being my entertainment and for being such a great friend after all these years. We may not talk that often, but you are in my thoughts often, and I can't wait to see you and your cutie pie little family this summer. July 12...please say you'll be around.... :) I'm starting to get a bump....I'm ready to stop feeling pukey and so tired. It probably didn't help that I was trying to get a tan today by laying out in the sun when it's over 100....I won't get turned in for that, right? Love you!