Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Six for Six

In honor of Dave and my six year anniversary, I am writing six wonderful things about him.  I did this last year, and upon reviewing it, I am going to try and find some new things-- but that doesn't mean those things still aren't wonderful and alive.

1.  Your faith.  Well, I can't not mention this.   It was the most attractive thing about you when I met you, and it still is-- which says a lot.  I still remember the devotion you gave on our way home from Mexico in 2003.  You were such a HUNK up there reading from your Bible in your cargo shorts and glasses.  You snored all night in that huge gym, but I forgot all about it when you prayed!  Seriously, you live your faith out in your everyday life, words, and actions-- and I admire that about you.  I'm lucky to have you.

2.  The way you put me at ease.  You know just how to make me laugh.  You do wonders for my anxiety ("I know what would help, let's worry") and you loosen me up!  Before I met you, I was like a square who needed softer edges.  Thank you for helping me relax, and reminding me that perfection is not the goal.  You are a great communicator, and when I'm in a ridiculous tizzy you are clear and use language I swear you read in my counseling books.  

3.  You are a great dad.  You are wonderful with Dekker.  You are such an involved Dad and Dekker is so lucky.  I love hearing you put Dekker to bed, play games with him, read him books and sing him songs-- even the National Anthem.  Because you are right, there is nothing wrong with having a patriotic child.  Thanks for not calling it "babysitting" and instead calling it "parenting" when I'm away for the weekend or working for the night, or need my own time-out in the middle of the day!

4.  You cry.  Or, you get something in your eye every baptism at church, occasionally when you see Dekker do something wonderful (or wonderfully ordinary), see an ultrasound, see any female in your family cry, when we say good-bye to special family members, when we talk about or read something sad, and when you watch X-Men.  Well, maybe that was actually something in your eye, I'm not sure.  You are such a man's man, and that's why I love this trait about you.

5.  Your mad DIY skills.  The basement looks awesome-- new windows, electrical, framing, trim and all.  Your skills are all over this house, and I love this house.  You have saved us so much money, and heaven knows that I have nice taste.

6.  That you are never done dreaming, planning, thinking about the future.  It strikes my insecurity ("What's wrong with what we have?") but makes me smile, too.  God has wired you up to be a learner, and I want to be the person you share what you're learning with.

Happy Anniversary Dear.

We had a great anniversary weekend-- we dropped Dekker off in Lincoln with Grandpa and Nana Saturday lunch time.  He climbed right into their truck and popped into the car-seat.  We buckled him in and he said "Bye Mom.  Bye D."  He did not cry one tear-- he is so big and oh my he loves those two.  We came home and had a wonderful evening out-- light dinner, movie, sushi.  Then we slept until 9AM (oh how I miss that) and had lunch before we walked around Trader Joe's and went to pick up Dekker.  It was just 24 hours, but it was fun.  And we genuinely enjoy "windshield time" so it was great.  It was great to see Dekker, too.  He cried when he left Nana and Grandpa, in case you were wondering :)

Here's to year number Seven!

On the journey,

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oh Baby!

Well, I just had a terrific 16 week appointment.  I am still in the phase of "Do you really think there is anything in there?" Low and behold, the doctor let me hear the heartbeat again and sure enough, there is a real-live being in my stomach.  It's soooo weird and equally as wonderful at the same time.

This post assumes two things: You care that I am pregnant, and these are questions you might have asked.  In a Q&A format, I'll pretend like someone wanted to know these answers-- and even if you don't, I'll be glad for the "dear Diary" entry when I look back, I'm sure.

Q1. Did you get pregnant on the cruise?
No.  We had a lovely cruise and our date of conception is several weeks after we got home.

Q2.  Were you "trying"?
Not necessarily.  But we know how babies are made.  We were doing Natural Family Planning.

Q3.  So did Natural Family Planning fail?
No.  I was being very lazy in doing my part because I knew we were close to trying and it was something we had talked about many a nights.  I knew if this happened, we wouldn't be upset, uninsured, etc.  BUT, I will say that NFP has been a wonderful method for us and we encourage anyone considering it to check out the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility."

Q4.  Did you have any early signs/symptoms?
Not that I can remember.  I had been having pretty irregular cycles and did have what I thought was a really short and light cycle.  I had a talk with my sweet friend who is a PA and she suggested it could be hormonal and that talking to my OB wouldn't be a bad idea.  So I would say this incomplete, weird cycle was my only major clue, which really wasn't one considering the symptoms.

Q5.  So then what?
Well, I called my OB's office and left a message for the nurse.  In the mean time, I took a test because wouldn't that be embarrassing and sure enough... Positive.  I took it downstairs to Dave and said, "I don't know if I should cry or laugh."  We were both pretty shocked, but thrilled.

Q6.  You miscarried before Dekker, did this change anything with this pregnancy?
Not a lot, but my doctor did do routine blood work.  When I miscarried my progesterone was very low-- a classic indicator-- so she ran that and HCG.  Both came back great.  I was to repeat the HCG in 48 hours to make sure it was doubling as appropriate.

I got a call from the nurse who said that my HCG was very low.  She said it was a 94 suggesting I was just a few days pregnant.  I said that was very possible.  Then, when I went back for the second round of blood-work she said, "Mrs. Rowe there has been a mistake, please come back with me."  I was horrified.  Turns out my levels were 94,000 indicating I was 3-9 weeks pregnant.  So we didn't even re-do the blood work considering my progesterone was so good.

A few days later my doctor was back in town and we did an ultrasound to "date the pregnancy."  I was 7.5 weeks along.  That made us laugh.  I literally knew I was pregnant with Dekker days after conception!

Q7.  When is your due-date?
November 16.  This date is so significant to me.  My sweet Grandma Soden passed away when I was quite pregnant with Dekker.  I traveled to see her, spoke at her funeral-- I am even named after her.  She is very special in my life and her birthday is... November 16.  It might be incorrect theology to say so, but I believe this was a very personal touch from God-- a little note to me that He is in control, and that He loves me so much that I believe He gets pleasure from lining up the universe so I would "accidentally" get pregnant and be due on Grandma Soden's birthday.  This due date has brought me so much peace, and brought me to nearly the ugly cry at that doctor's appointment.

Q8.  Do you think it's a girl or boy?
Girl.  And I'll name her after Grandma Soden.  I hope she'll share our middle name of Mae and that she's born on her due date.  But, I love the idea of "brothers" too, so I'll be okay either way.  We have our 20 week scan on June 29th.

Q9.  How have you been feeling?
Mostly good.  I have had more low-grade but constant nausea with this pregnancy-- which gets annoying, but I am so lucky, and I know it.  I have only gained 3 lbs and have been able to stay really active so far-- mostly walking.  I told my doctor that I gained half of my pregnancy weight BEFORE I got pregnant and she just smiled and said it's okay for the baby to live off my "reserves."  Ahem, okay.

Q10.  How did you tell your parents?
We bought a "Big Brother" T-Shirt and let Dekker wear it.  We told my folks when they were here for Dekker's 2nd birthday party, and Dave's the Monday after.  It was so fun.  They are so excited for us, and for Dekker, who loves "babies" and will be one heck of a big brother.  I have been emotional, of course, thinking about sharing both my time and attention, but I'm praying that what people have told me is true-- and that another part of my heart will come to life to love this child so that I am not dividing my love.  I love my brother, so I am trying not to apologize to Dekker, but think about what a blessing this is to him.

I have been really eating well and drinking water and blah blah.  But my one pregnancy craving so far has been Runza.  And Dave just got home with my "one per week" Runza.  So I better go!

On the Journey,