Saturday, December 29, 2012

2013 Goals

At the very beginning of 2011, I set 11 goals, and then at the end of 2011, I reviewed them.  My "report card" wasn't awful :)  And if you read that last post-- I just want you to know that we finished the office and got to the Children's Museum last year and we have plans to celebrate in Vegas again.  I "promised" to set some goals for 2012-- well my direct quote was "Mine (2012 goals)  will be scaled back and just shy of 'survive the first year', but I still have some things I want to check off!"  Turns out "scaled back" means never even written down.  And, regardless, no one saw-- "research everything you know about Craniosynstosis and go to one million appointments and spend half the summer recovering your kid from skull surgery" coming.  So, I'm kinda glad I didn't set out a bunch of ambitious goals to conquer in 2012.  They likely wouldn't have gotten done anyway. 

In hindsight, and this is so limited and off the top of my head, 2012 did bring some great things.

* We did, in fact, survive the first year of Tucker's life.  I feel like taking care of babies must be harder for me than other women.  I have come to accept that.  That being said-- the first birthday is a nice milestone for Dave and me.  Normal sleep-deprived, demanding, teething baby stuff plus surgery was hard on our marriage and on us personally-- but we survived just fine. We love Tucker so gal-darn much, and I can certainly say this year was good for our faith.

* I joined Farrells in May (Happy Mothers Day to me-- you get to like yourself again!) and have kept my long-term commitment of staying active at minimum 4 days a week.  I have not noticed a big physical change, but I have noticed a huge mental change.  I have learned that working out is an incredible stress reliever for me.  It is exactly what I need to take care of myself in a way that frees up mental love and energy and patience for my family.  I feel stronger, more confident, and less like a hot-mess and I truly enjoy the workouts and people at the gym.  I would say my mental health is about as good as it has been since I had kids!  (Did you know that one 45 minute cardio workout has the same hormonal effect as one antidepressant Zoloft?) Plus, I know it is great for my overall and long-term health.  And I have gotten to the point where I miss it, and notice it, when I don't go.  I wish I would have lost more weight, but I am coming to terms with the reality that we "lose weight in the kitchen and get fit in the gym."  I credit keeping my cool this last year and even enjoying my summer to Farrells.  (And yes, I get a referral bonus.)

* I preached on Mother's Day-- something I love to do.  I hope someday in my life I get to do more public speaking.

I'm sure there are more.  Like, tons more.  But for the sake of the fussy baby at my feet, I will stop there and move on to the few goals I have for 2013.

1. Write an official will.  I need my friend Natalie's help on this one.  Natalie, put on your lawyer hat and help me and anyone reading this-- do I write a will?  Does a lawyer? Do I need a lawyer?  Why do I need a will if my life is fairly 'uncomplicated'?  What is a fair price to pay?  Is there some template I fill out?  How do I get started?  Anyway, I add this goal because I once served a client who was my age and had lost her husband to a freak accident.  They had a house and a kid-- no divorce, everything jointly-- and she said their lack of a will was really making her life more complicated then needed at the time, and she really encouraged me to write one.  Well, some clients you just never forget.  Also, I feel like everyone needs a lawyer and a prescription- writing medical professional as friends.  So thankful I have both.

2. Do a little emergency preparedness.  To not sound like a crazy, I would like to start a little tote or duffel bag or shelf designated for an emergency.  For more on the book I read, which really got me thinking about this in a practical way-- check out the old blog post here (specifically #4).

3. Redo my living room.  It is a little dated, and heaven knows I spend a lot of time in these four walls.  I am pretty tired of the brown walls/brown furniture combo.  And since paint is cheaper than furniture, I think this means some new paint and accessories, and a carpet cleaning which I have already scheduled.  You all know how much I love Legacy Carpet Cleaning.  Maybe I could have a piece of furniture recovered--- ohhh that is something to think about.  Any referrals?  Is that uber expensive? Maybe just a new accent piece.  Oh this is getting more expensive as I type.  Anyway, I keep thinking that while the room is cleared for the carpet is the perfect time to paint (because it is)-- and the carpets are scheduled for early January because I can't stand it any longer-- so I need to get Kim Hazlip out here and pick some paint and at least get the living room walls done.  The stairwell will be a big task, but we could technically do that after we put the furniture back in.  I do know a great paint-guy.  Maybe I should just call him :)  He could probably do in a morning what would take me three weeks.  Anyway, I'm so excited to do this.

4.  Get a pool pass, love it and use it.  Last summer, I still had a morning napper and two afternoon nappers (and an incision that couldn't get immersed), so we got a little blow up pool and used our "pool money" for a new sandbox out back.  But this summer, I will be down to "just" afternoon naps.  I have a few friends that use outdoor pools at a gym, which typically open much earlier than public pools-- and love the idea of a 9AM-1PM stretch at the pool.  They say it is less crowded, you can eat on the go, and then come home for rest time.  I am so IN.  Last summer I was hating my body.  So when I joined Farrells I told myself that "I will do whatever it takes to NOT stay in all next summer simply because I hate myself in a swim suit.  That is not fair to my kids."  So, I think I need to keep going to the gym and probably lose a little weight, maybe jump on the Isagenix bandwagon.  Last year I bought a swimsuit on clearance that I still really like.  I am also working with my doctor to get the red bumps off my arms.  And I might tan.  Or spray tan until I get a real tan.  Look out Prairie Life :)

5.  Maybe try something radically different with my hair.  I feel like I have had the same style since 8th grade (because I have).  My sweet hair lady is trying to talk me into a massive inverted bob this summer.  She said it would still "mostly" go into a ponytail and that we would need to really highlight it.  It looks cute on Pinterest :)

6.  Spend some quality time with Dave.  We are going back to Vegas in February to celebrate my 30th birthday (15 months late) with some of our Besties.  And I got him a hot air balloon ride for Christmas.  And we would just love to schedule a regular sitter, or at least intentionally get out more-- to dinner, or a movie, or Starbucks and a walk after bedtimes for goodness sake.

7.  Memorize more scripture.

That's it.  At least this year they got written down!  How about you?  Do you have any goals that you need to write down?  Thanks for listening to mine!

On the journey,