Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eleven Goals for 2011

I know many people who are "against" New Years Resolutions.  I'm not one of them, specifically.  I see a resolution as starting something new that you aren't currently doing.  I see a goal as continuing to do something that you may or may not already be doing.  I believe in goals.  All the time.  Long term and short term.  In fact, almost every week I make a list of short term goals. 

Here is my list for this week:
* Call insurance to clarify eye and dental benefits
* Make eye appt
* Make dentist appt
* Frame quilt square
* Pay bills.

I never assign my weekly goals a day of the week.  Some days I have more time than others, sometimes I get surprised with a little extra time, and some weeks everything happens after bedtime :)  If something doesn't happen in a given week, I carry it over.

So I love new years.  It's simply a chance to set some long-term goals.  Sadly, in the purging of my office, I might have lost 2010's goals.  But I remember purging the office was on the top of that list-- so job well done.  So was decorating the hearth room, and PTL that is not on my list this year for the first time since we moved here.

Eleven Goals for 2011:
1.  Completely finish the office remodel.  Paint, floor, floorboards, hallway, desks.
2,  Repaint two walls in Master bedroom and decorate.  ("Hello, Kim Hazlip, it's Stef")
3.  Make a few necessary changes to my work.
4.  Take two outrageous risks. (like maybe... Apply for the Dr. Phil show, run a 1/2 marathon, call Bo Pelini's wife for an interview which will somehow make me famous and save her husband's reputation... ...)
5.  Go to the zoo and Children's museum.
6.  Take a vacation with just Dave.
7.  Think about expanding our family.
8.  Eat out less.
9.  Think about inner beauty as much as I think about physical appearance. 
10. Stay active.   
11. Blog more.

What are your 2011 goals?

Happy New Year,

1 comment:

  1. Stef,
    Read this several days ago and have not taken the time to respond to you.
    Here are a "few" of my goals for 2011
    1. Memorize Scripture, already off to a good start!
    2. Eat Healthy & exercise on a consistant basis
    3. Paint bedrooms and bathrooms, work on basement for the girls to have as their "living" area
    Glad you posted this, it really makes me think about what is important to me.
    Love ya,