Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mid-day Strong Life thoughts

Let's start out with a great big PTL (Praise the Lord) for nap time.  I love this sweet boy and I equally love the few hours of peace and quiet I get every afternoon.  Sometimes I run errands, sometimes I clean, sometimes I nap myself, sometimes I do relaxing things like blogging, and I usually do a combo of those things.  And please know my husband works from home.  I'm not putting Dekker down and running to Target while he's alone in his crib.  I promise.

Well I am nearly obsessed with living my strongest life.  Aannndd apparently I'm not alone.  There is an entire culture out there of people doing the same thing and I know this because they featured this blog!!  How cool is that!?!  I'm trying to act like I've been there before, but I just can't shake my giddiness.  

Anyway, in his book Marcus encourages us to "sweat the small stuff" as we search for "strong moments".  It's only by "catching and cradling" our strong moments, and looking into the details of them, that we can better identify them, learn about ourselves from them, and consider how that impacts our success-- in my case finding a job or rearranging my job so that it is more fulfilling and less draining.

Please note that the definition of a strong moment (and/or life) is this: Not what you do, but how you feel.  And you are searching for moments that help you feel effective and capable, hopeful, excited, joyful (a genuine "looking forward to tomorrow"), a sense of growth and focus ("time just flew by"), and knowing that your needs are being fulfilled.  Well, that's kinda several chapters into two small paragraphs but seriously, just by the book by Marcus Buckingham.

ANYWAY... I've been trying to think of strong moments in my life.  I took the Strong Life Test and my results came back as a "Weaver" and a "Teacher."  What are your results?  (Seriously, go take the test and post your results-- I'm super curious.)  Taking the test did help me narrow my thoughts and frankly, I think the test was spot on even though it very much surprised me.  The weaver is someone who likes to connect people and loves a web of relationships.  Well, this has me thinking.  I do love to connect people.  Like-- oh, you're traveling to Tampa where my cousin lives-- here, let me suggest a friend on facebook.  Or-- I know someone you should go on a date with.  (I seriously have long considered my gift of matchmaking a spiritual gift.)  So this fits me.  And it is part of what I love about counseling (I think... ...).

But as I have "sweated the small stuff" and tried to really think about things that I love doing, things that don't feel like work, things that energize me, I am certain that it is in the weaver-like things in me.  My sister-in-law Becky once told me I was a great "researcher."  She said to me, "I knew you were the right person to ask."  She was looking for something for her daughter, Ryleigh, who was in Kindergarten and is also diabetic.  I found an adorable little watch with a vibrating function which would remind her to tell her teacher she needed her blood tested.  Because the school nurse had 150 students to look after, you know.  (Don't even get me started!)  I looked and looked for that little watch.  It didn't feel like work, and I didn't mind the time I put into doing it.  I love this stuff!  That's a strong moment, right?  That's weaver-ish, right? PTL.  I need a beer.

Dear Marcus,
Are you reading this blog???  Can I be a weaver and connect people to people, but also to information, products, books, etc.  Can I make a living doing that?  Where??  Anyone?  Anyone?
Thanks, Stef

My secondary function was a teacher.  And, again, I know that is part of what drew me into the world of counseling and also why I loved the one credit I taught at Grace University this fall.  I intend to apply for some adjunct positions.  Teaching was a good fit for public speaking, another gift I love and feel energized doing.  Another love?  Writing.  Did you know my first declared major at UNL was Journalism?  I was on staff with the Daily Nebraskan for about a month and even had a few stories published.  But I hated the "beat."  I wanted to do feature stories.  Overwhelmed, I quit.  Those people slept under their desks.  Weird.

I am so overwhelmed by living my strongest life.  I'd like to say "forget IT!" and throw in the towel but that would be hurting only myself.  Like I said above, if even a few adjustments to my current job would help-- what's to lose? Maybe I do need to consider a new job, too.

In other news, the electrical inspector just came by and presto-- Dave passed!  So thrilled for him.  Another inspection for framing tomorrow and he might get to start insulation and drywall on the new office in the basement.  Soon he'll be able to work without wearing his winter coat... like he may or may not be doing today. :)

On the (strong) journey,


  1. I've been thinking over this "strong life" concept for the past few years, though not calling it that exactly. I've basically been trying to figure out what it is I'm good at & like to do at the same time. There are several things I feel I'm good at but don't necessary LOVE to do, etc. So I'm going to take this Strong Life Test and see where it puts me. I think I'm definitely on the right track with life right now (areas of service, job, family, etc), which is a nice place to be.

  2. 1) Teacher: Any job where you’re paid to facilitate the success of others.

    2) Advisor: Any job where you’re paid to be opinionated

    I'd say that's about right :) I'll have to figure out what to do with my life now. Also, does a job exist where I'm paid to be opinionated?
    Maybe that's why I like blogging so much. But I don't get paid for it. Yet.

    Also, did I say I'm glad you're back?

  3. 1.) Motivator: Any job where you're paid to keep a group of people excited.
    2.) Influencer: Any job where you're paid to persuade others to act.

    Interesting....and not quite sure where the whole attorney career fits into this. Kara, I think you might belong in my field....getting paid for my opinion! :)

  4. 1) Creator:
    Be careful you: Don’t think so long, you never do anything.

    2) Equalizer:
    Your smartest career move:
    Any job where you’re paid to speak up for people who’ve been wronged.


  5. took the test, very interesting, I do need to get the book and read it.
    I was the creator and the advisor. Will have to read more into this!
    Thanks for posting twice in 1 week!!!

  6. I'm intrigued by this vs. Gallup's Strength's Finder stuff. Anyway, I was 1)Advisor & 2)Motivator. I can definitely see those things in myself. Interesting!!