Friday, September 16, 2011

Quick 5-ish (My attempt at Photo Phone Friday)

Photo One: Thursday night.  Are these two not adorable.  I love having two handsome boys to come home from work to... they are just adorable on their own, and together!  Dekker had a great day at daycare and I had a great day at work.  I am _really_ enjoying my job, and I feel like I have a little of the spunk in life back.  This affirms to me that I made the right decision and that my last job just really was not a good fit.  So thankful I swallowed my "this is what I always wanted to do" pride and moooooooved on.   I hope NCC lasts a long time, but even if it doesn't, I know it is the right place right now.

Photo Two: Monday at Lakeside Park.  My sweet friend Katie and I took our boys to the park for lunch, then to feed the ?ducks? or ?geese? I'm not sure the difference.  Anyway, I think they sensed our fear so we manned up and fed them the bread and the boys had a ball.  It was a great way to enjoy this ah-mazing weather.

Photo Three: Last Friday?  Not sure to be honest.  Dekker has been spending a lot of time in the bathroom talking about the potty but will not sit on it.  He cries when I try.  I am not sure what to do.  Oh, and this was after our beloved Bibi came for a visit, so that toilet was so clean I might not have washed his hands! (Yes, yes I did).

Photo Four: Last Friday night.  I am finally ready to start painting and decorating the nursery.  I have just a few finishing details to Dekker's cowboy room before I post about it.  The two swatches on the wall were samples, and I went with neither.  I got the gray in a lighter shade.  I was afraid the blue would compete with all the other blues already in the room.  Today I went and got the red curtains, and I am excited to see it come together.  Double bonus, a lot of this room is purchasing and less sweat/craft once the painting is done.

Photo Five: Sunday.  Last weekend we totally cleaned out our basement.  It feels great, and we were exhausted.  We were getting ready for our small group to start back up, and the kids need a place to play-- and I was having anxiety every time I went down there.  The living area looks fantastic, and we have a new tool area, too.  It is organized and usable.  Now, to clean the garage before it gets too cold and I will post for all to see.  In the meantime, I have several things on Craigslist.  I am amazed at what sells (mini-blinds, bed rails, floor mat for your office chair) and what doesn't.  I mean, really, who doesn't want this beautiful blue piece of luggage??  Whatever is left when we clean out the garage goes to Good-will and Habitat for Humanity.

Photo Six: Late Sunday night.  Look at these two sweeties-- changing my plates.  That boy is pretty sure he can do anything his daddy does!

Photo Seven: Approximately two mornings a week :).  Dekker has discovered two things-- Elmo, and TV.  They collide everyday at 9:30 on PBS.  He has never watched TV.  I do have the TV on sometimes first thing in the AM-- I love a good morning news show-- but he could care less.  Until now.  I have never understood the allure of letting your kid watch TV until Dekker decided to love Elmo.  Suddenly, I have 30 minutes to, gasp, put make-up on and gasp, clean the kitchen and gasp, make the bed.  I am still making sure this is a rare occasion, but I guess I'm okay with it for 30 minutes on an occasional day.  I guess.   Also, do you notice that stool.  It is in a few pics here.  He carries that thing everywhere like it's his bestie. 

Happy Friday everyone.  Here's to a great weekend, a fantastic JDRF walk, time with family, and not cleaning all weekend.

On the journey,