Saturday, September 22, 2012

Random Ramblings

Since I haven't posted for awhile, and since I seem to work best in 10 minute spurts-- I decided to post a few pictures and just give a brief little update on a few things we have been up to.

To begin...our sweet baby boy is nearing the ONE year mark, and weighs as much as an average 2 year old and is in 24 month clothes.  He is recovering tremendously-- so much so that I don't even call what he is doing "recovery" anymore.  He is just crawling all around and getting into everything.  He loves electric cords and outlets and the Carbon Monoxide detector.  I am so proud of Dekker-- he is a great Big brother.  He is learning to share... but he IS three... sharing is super hard sometimes and a mobile little brother has given him lots of opportunities to practice. 

Tucker loves to play a little game where he moves his head to one side, then we do, the we move to the other side, etc.  It is precious, but I can not get a picture of it no matter how hard I try :)  His scar looks great, and his hair is growing in really thick and dark.  He has had several follow up appointments and everyone says he looks great.  We think so, too.  We can't believe the difference in his head shape.  Initially we were at a small risk for a second surgery to correct the forehead, and the plastic surgeon thinks this will not be necessary.  We will continue to follow up with both surgeons for some time, but thankfully the time in-between appointments will get further and further in-between.  Tucker sleeps all night-- but loves mornings-- takes two naps a day and eats great.  I have a hunch he is going to consolidate his naps sooner than Dekker did, but that is okay.  And, I'm trying to transition him to more and more table food.  Why does it feel harder the second time around?!? 

After seven years in this house, we decided it was high time to get our deck power washed and stained.  We wanted to do the good stain-- the 5 year warranty kind-- and get a high-powered wash-- so we hired an aspiring handy-man to do it.  He has been fantastic to work with and his bid was 1/3 of the other people we considered.  Kinda frustrating, each person that came to look at the deck commented that the way the previous owners had it built was wrong and that it was starting to show signs of wear and tear that it otherwise wouldn't had they done it right in the first place.  Ah! Oh well.  The above picture is of Dekker, who wanted to watch the power washing but thought it was too loud so he found some earmuffs in the shape of footballs to put on.

I love this picture.  Dave did some carpentry work between the power washing
and the staining (which is going on now) and Dekker was his big helper.  

Dekker is growing up everyday and we can't believe it.  He has "best friends" and "old favorite" things.  He plays jokes and his vocabulary is hysterical!  He knows his letters and his numbers and he is "playing" soccer.  Many of you know that his first few games didn't go so well, but he is improving.  He is a slow to warm up type of kid, and it just takes him awhile to adjust.  Last week, Dave took him to the game a few minutes early and they played around on the sidelines.  By the time the game started, he was ready to go.  We go again in a few hours here so we will see if this little "trick" works again this week.  Dekker is also going to preschool, which he LOVES.  I really debated, and actually decided not to send him, then changed my mind at the very last minute.  In the end, he has to go to daycare two days a week AND then goes to preschool two of the mornings that I am home.  I really debated that-- because I wanted to be at home with him on my days "off".  But I knew he would thrive and love preschool, too.  Plus his bestie Lily is in his class.  So we did it and I am really glad we did.  I do miss him in the mornings, but right now Tucker is still napping and I am cleaning and doing Bible study and drinking coffee in the quiet and that is pretty nice, too.

Finally, I am still loving Farrells.  My clothes are fitting, finally, PTL.  I haven't needed to buy any new clothes yet, but my current ones are super comfortable.  I'm kinda in a weird spot in my closet because most of the stuff I was wearing before Tucker is almost too big, but my stack of "skinny jeans" is still too small.  Maybe I need to go shopping.  Yes, yes I do.  I am so glad to feel fit and strong and not huge like I did one year ago... ...

Happy Weekend Friends!