Saturday, January 8, 2011


I am sitting here uploading photos to facebook and shutterfly and onto my computer and my heart is overflowing with thanks.  When I think back to 2010, my first thought is that it was a really difficult year, namely due to several infections and a long bout with mono.  And a job change that has been very demanding and difficult.  But what a shame to focus just on this, and miss all the wonderfulness that 2010 brought...

... like my baby turning one.
... our five year wedding anniversary.
... several fantastic nights of sleep and a little boy who is a champion sleeper.
... a commitment to bootcamp and feeling stronger.
... great friends and an awesome family.
... Monday Night dinners

... and so many more things.  I will do a better job at counting my blessings this year.  I have a friend who does this and it is so inspiring.

On the journey,

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