Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Before and After

The long awaited-- or long prepared for-- ... ... "Before" and "After."

These are the "before" shoes I gave up in Vegas after wearing them out to a club (where I was referred to as "rather covered up") until 3AM.  My feet were killing me so I threw them away and vowed to find another pair at the end of the season on sale...

These are the adorable "after" shoes I found on the sale rack at DSW with an extra 15% off.  I don't even know this brand, but I set the shoe up by the box for extra effect.  I love the heel and the button details.  I doubted myself if I could find these but I am sure I will love them all next winter...

The kitchen table "before."  This table is 30+ years old and I love it.  I hate to sale it on Craigslist but I hate even more storing it in my basement for ever.  This table was with me since my apartments and has been the home to several small group meals, shared dinners with friends, our first family meals with Dekker, and several quiet nights with Dave and me.  It was also our "family table" growing up in McCook, where my mom and dad made sure that-- even with two athletes, games, activities, etc that we sat down and ate together nearly every night.

The "after" table, which you all know by now, I found on Craigslist (I even amazed myself on that one) and fits our new space perfectly!

The "before" of the fireplace mantel.  I think this is referred to as a "hearth."  Note the color of the hearth, the picture above it, and all the pictures on it...

The "after" hearth.  I love everything about it, including my great-grandma's sugar and creamer inside the square boxes, the sea shells from Jamaica, and wedding picture of my grandparents.

The "before" picture of my new sitting area would be totally blank because there was nothing there.  I have been stumped on how to use this space for a long time, like 3.5 years since we moved into this space.  So thanks to my incredible friend and interior designer, Kim, I have a new area that we have been using a ton!  I love to pull the bottom basket of toys out and sit on that yummy rug with Dekker.  We also use these chairs a lot when we have company, or when one of us is cooking...

The "after" pictures:

The top basket here is half mail and half a little smaller basket in there for car keys, change, and Dave's wallet.  Love getting all that stuff off the counter top.  The second shelf contains my Grandma's Bible, which she gave to me when she died.  It is switched out with a different Bible most of the time for now thanks to our little friends with long arms!  Seems like kids can reach anything!  The next basket is diapers and wipes for during the day and some magazines for quick reading.  The bottom basket is for Dekker and he has for sure figured this out.

The "before" picture of the pond out back.  I was honestly having nightmares of Dekker showing himself outside and landing in this pond and drowning.  Plus, it was a lot of maintenance.  We sold the two living Koi fish just this weekend and would love to sell the pond liner and pump, too.

This is much simpler.  Hooray.

Same thing... different view:

This is the "before" of the other side of our lower deck.  See how far out the dirt goes back toward the shed and note the tree behind the planter.

Now we have more grass and this back area has been leveled.  The tree is gone.  This is the "after" picture, but without the new sod.

This picture was taken from a different angle after the new sod had been brought in.  Love that we are actually getting more and more yard.

Finally... this is Dekker and my new hang out spot.  I hope you'll find us here every summer morning that it's still below 100.

On the journey.  (Counting points and weighing in Friday.)



  1. Stef, love all of this pictures. You did such an awesome job with your hearth room and your outside areas also. I show the girls pictures of Dekker and they always say how cute he is!

  2. It looks amazing, that is for sure. What a great reward for many hours of hard work!!!

  3. Ah Steph, a little bird told me this was on your blog. Thank you and it was MY pleasure. :) Kim