Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Favorite Things

My favorite landscaping company: EC Lawn and Landscaping.  Just can not beat their prices.  And they do great work.  And I get no discount that now the 10 of you who read this know about them!

My favorite stores: Gap, Ann Taylor Loft, New York and Company, and any shoe store.

Did you know that I worked in a shoe store FOREVER.  First, I worked in a shoe store in McCook named "Browns Shoe Fit."  I started there when I was 15 and was honestly an excellent shoe salesperson.  I love shoes and I love people.  And I joke that it was actually my first therapy job.  You'd be surprised what people tell you while you're fitting their shoes... "These are for my son's wedding... I don't even know why I'm spending any money on them... She has never liked me anyway... ..."  I am not kidding you.   Or... "I need some black dress shoes for this suit.  My dad just passed."  Oh my heart.  Or this... "I'm getting into shape this year.  I need some new tennis shoes."  I would have sold that person a New Balance shoe for sure.  And probably some socks ("You can use these unwashed ones in the bin or buy a package off the shelf.  It's totally up to you...") so I got a better "multiple sale" commission.  Or "I need something for a wedding this weekend" ... or "My wife is pregnant and needs some good sandals for her swelling feet."  Oh I loved that job.  When I moved to Norfolk to attend Nebraska Christian College I transferred to the Browns there and again, loved it.  I moved to Lincoln and guess what?  A Browns Shoe Fit opened up there and I worked a ton.  I always got better grades when I worked-- I needed the structure.  I eventually quit to gain "experience in the field."  Honestly, I was tired of the weekends and nights. :)  And I did LOVE working for CSF while doing my internship with Visinet.  I'd love to link Visinet for you, but they were recently shut down.  (Insert Debbie Downer music here...)

My favorite interior designer: Kim Hazlip.  Email her at  She kept me under budget, helped me reuse things, shopped Target sales, and still made my hearth room such a beautiful space for our family.  In the end I am CERTAIN that she saved me money.

My favorite TV Show: The Office, hands down.

My favorite night out: Dinner and a movie.  Or movie and late night sushi.

My favorite night in: Sushi and Saturday Night Live.

Favorite Food: ... ... ... sushi... ... you guessed it!

My favorite cabinet company: Flair Custom Cabinets (our good friend Steve's dad owns this).  We had our kitchen estimated by them before we decided to be REALLY cheap and paint and we were very impressed.  Can't go without also mentioning that we also LOVE Millard Lumber, who we used for our bathroom and hardware and absolutely love it.  They have incredible service and a great show room.  It helps when you share a last name with the Vice President.  (Love you, Don).

Favorite baby book: It's a tie between Good Night Sleep Tight and Baby Bargains.

Favorite parenting book: 8 Myths (yadayadayada... how many times will I shove this down your throats, I know).

Favorite Sound: My son laughing.  My husband laughing.  Okay, I love laughter.  My husband makes me laugh almost constantly... sometimes until my sides hurt.  Sometimes I make Dave laugh and I love that, too.  Oh, and Dekker started saying "Mamama" this week.  Music to my ears.  I also love the sound of hitting it big in Vegas.  I think.  Yeah, I'm very sure I would love that.

Favorite nap time activity: Napping myself, email.  And I shower at nap time because we walk in the mornings.  Otherwise I would honestly do it before he got up.  Step off that "lazy stay at home bandwagon" for a few... ... ... hahaha.

Favorite part about my job: A reasonable income in two days a week, plus a flexible schedule.  I can see clients, grab groceries and have lunch with Beth all in the same day :)

New favorite place to volunteer: Ted E Bear Hollow.  It takes a lot to pull me away from my family (and Monday Night Dinners) for 8 weeks for 3 hours a week, but this place does it for me!  My short time there has been so rewarding.  I am learning wwaayy more than I am teaching, for sure.

My favorite day: Up before Dekker to putz around and clean, Dekker's up at 8, breakfast together, walk, swing (and water plants), play, lunch, nap, snack, play (maybe Sonic Happy Hour??), start supper, Daddy's off work, dinner, pick up house/play, bedtime routine, cuddle in the blue chair, lights out for DW, cuddle in the big chair with the other DW, lights out.

My favorite stay at home, stuck in a horrible mid-west winter activity: texting.  This is true most days, really.

Favorite hobby: Flowers.  Maybe.  We'll see how this year goes in all FIVE pots I have planted and then I'll decide.  Last year-- success.

Favorite on-line photo site:  Shutterfly.  I could spend all day on there, especially around the holidays.  I have my grandma on one click shipping.  She has more photos than any great-grandma should have.  And I think most people got individualized Birthday cards this year!  It's too cheap not to do it, man.  Just plan ahead!

Favorite Labor Day Activity: The only one I have known for 29 years (that's 28 years of life plus one in the womb)-- Family Camp in the Colorado Mountains with the huge and fabulous Soden Family.

Favorite Christmas Tradition: Getting cheap hot cocoa with Dave and looking at Christmas lights.  It's even sweeter with a baby in the back sleeping.  Well, we didn't do it this last year so I can only imagine. We were still pretty frazzled from the whole first holiday season with a kid thing.

My favorite church: Stonebridge, of course!  I also have great memories at McCook Christian and Capitol City Christian.

Best photo deal for family pics and kid pics: Nellie Smith Photography.  At least this is what I hear and see from my friends.  We just couldn't jive our schedules but she's on the top of my "call ahead and not the day before" list for next time.  Maybe family pics before Christmas... she releases all rights (without charging a FORTUNE)... so hello Shutterfly!

Well, while I have been writing this Dekker has drank pop out of a can in the recycling bag, put a book in the dog water, nearly stabbed himself with the fire poker, and is currently eating the buckle of his highchair.  Guess I should tend to my "other job."  He smells a little funky, too!  And the insurance man will be here soon enough-- that is not one of my favorite things.

On the journey,



  1. I read the title of your blog and started singing the Sound of Music song, be glad you can't hear me. Checked out most of the websites, but doesn't help those of us in Texas! I do think I will be getting that book you suggested on parenting, looks like I could use her advice. Thanks!

  2. I was confused about your favorite baby book - I think those are still technically parenting books! I was looking for something in that category that you read to Dekker. :-) Hence, the confusion. Especially because "Good Night, Sleep Tight" does sound like the name of a book you would read to a baby at bedtime!

  3. Haha. I can only imagine reading either of those books to Dekker! He barely sits still the way it is. Well, my favorite Children's Book would be the Teddy Bear Bible. It is fabulous. Maybe I'll have more "picks" as he gets older!

  4. Oh I know, Tisha. Sorry that the links aren't more help. Unless you really want to pay extra for your landscapers "travel time." hahaha.