Friday, May 14, 2010

Mulhalls Has It ALL

I had a fantastic experience at Mulhalls.  I think they deserve a brief shout out to the 10 of you who read this blog...

* As you know, I went to their store last Friday and had a terrible experience... largely in part to the Customer (Un)Service Counter.  The lady there had scowled at me, "Do you want assistance?"  Then pointed to go "Down that way, then turn half way."  I was livid.  And no one met me and I was embarrassed and tearful and came home and wrote a nasty gram off their website.

* On the same day Mr. Mulhall e-mailed me his apology and I also got an email from his associate, who used to manage the houseplant section and now is the director of employees, or something.  She and I arranged a time to meet, which we did Wednesday at 4.

* She was fantastic and hooked me up with exactly what I was looking for.  The plants look great in my newly improved and almost done hearth room.  Then we stopped and talked for several minutes to discuss what I felt could have been done differently.  She was fantastic, and I feel genuinely cared about my opinion.  We talked about maybe needing more signs, or more clarity at the Customer Service counter.  I told her that I doubt many people would know that a "tropical" is a house plant. And that if I want crappy service that I will go to Wal-Mart, but that I came to her store for just the opposite, which was why I was so disappointed.  She apologized again and again, and honestly, it's all good.

Well, my plants are lovely and I will go back to Mulhalls.  I'm pretty sure my experience wasn't typical, and if it happens again (which I doubt it will) I have Mr. Mulhalls personal phone line.

Case closed.

On the journey,



  1. I think that is awesome that you did something about it, instead of walking around "complaining" about the situation and doing nothing, which is what I would tend to do. Way to go!

  2. You should have gone to Rhonda, she would have been great! :) They do have great stuff there, glad you gave it a second chance, bummer they were so rude the first time!!!!!

  3. I am preparing a "hearth room finale" post with before and after pics. So start getting excited... ...