Thursday, April 15, 2010

Total Biff

So yesterday I had it all together.  I laid Dekker down for his morning nap and took a shower and blew dry my hair.  When he got up I put him in the bath and we played.  Then I let him play while I put on make-up and straightened my hair.  This was a good was great.  I even put on eye make-up.  Super big deal.  I put on a new shirt and sweater thing that I had gotten Tuesday at Ann Taylor Loft 40% off clearance.  And I put on my favorite Big Star jeans and the cute wedge sandals I got last year for my birthday in November (also on clearance).  I found two necklaces (one short and one long) and matching earrings.

I went downstairs and said to Dave, "I feel good today.  I feel like I am wearing clothes that fit and flatter my (new) body. "  I went on to say how happy I was that my pediatrician would see me in something other than my pajamas after being up all night.  Thankfully, I wasn't tearful, exhausted, etc.  This was a new look for me and sweet Dr. Walters.

Anyway, the appt was good, lunch was good, nap was good.  I decided to stretch the limits on the day and take a quick trip to Kohls to exchange some birthday gifts.  Dekker was super fussy, and after getting shots I wasn't totally surprised.  So I was quick about things.

On the way out of the store, I grabbed my adorable little BOY in one arm and my purse and bag in the other and strutted out the door in all my feeling good-ness-- jewelry and eye make-up and all.  I didn't see the faded orange markings that warned me of the shifting sidewalk, and I was on the ground!  I felt myself falling... I actually thought I was going to break my ankle because I felt my foot turn under the shoe and I knew a lot of weight was getting put on it, but there was little I could do to help myself because I was worried about sending Dekker across the pavement.  I kinda stumbled twice, then hit the ground.  Some man saw the whole thing.  He comes running over and asks if I'm okay.  As he tries to help me up I realized that my jeans had totally ripped in the knee.  (I mean I wear them so much they were pretty thin.)  AND, my knee was super scraped and bleeding.  So the man sticks out his hand and I say "My jeans are ripped."  Hahaha.  Priorities!  I was more embarrassed than anything.

Here is a picture of my knee.  Dave made fun of me for taking a picture.  He was harassing me and I was like, "Dave, the 9 people who read my blog will want to see this."

We made it to the car, I got Dekker strapped in, and I just kinda sat there.  I called Dave.  I was actually pretty sore.  I am sore.  But I will survive.  I contemplated saving the jeans-- a patch maybe? capri's maybe? But they are gone.  I am thinking I might go buy a new pair, I loved them that much.

Do you see them in the trash can?  So sad.  Also got harassed about taking this photo, if you can imagine! (Nothing like a good Fresca and banana.)

Have a safe day!

On the journey,



  1. just have to comment on this one, I fell walking accross a street in ABQ holding Kattey several years ago. My knee looked like that and believe it or not I did not even tear my jeans! I kind of know how you felt. Brandi and Marty and the other girls were with me and they all still give me a hard time about it. Glad you and Dekker are okay!

  2. Some people say you can't wear torn jeans after age 25...but I say if they're your favorite you should! It's probably too late now though if they are already under the banana peel and/or in a landfill somewhere. Glad your ankle is okay :)

  3. Ditto to what Kara said, aren't torn up jeans "in"? Didn't I pay good money for a pair of jeans with holes all ripped in them? Dig those suckers out!!

  4. Oh Stef. I'm glad your ankle is OK but I have to say I laughed outloud at your narration of the entire event. And I agree with everyone else dig them out...Big Stars? Those are expensive!

  5. Dear Jean Patrol:
    The jeans were already ripped, man! They were super stylish (did you expect anything less) and had lots of rips in the other knee and all over. So the second knee completely ripped out was over the top. They went from stylish to trashy. And they were bloody. At least this is what I tell myself because there is no going back!
    Love: Stefaine