Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Enough Said...

Ever since Pastor Mark asked me to offer the Mother's Day sermon I have not been able to sleep.  Frankly, it's awful.  So I had no clients today and I decided this would be the day I would get thoughts out of my mind and onto paper.  It has got to help.  And I still have three weeks.  I promised a copy to a few staffers at Stonebridge by the end of this week-- and the deadline is fantastic.  I am at the place where I need a break from it.  What better way to fill my time then post a few pictures for you all!

This is why I can't lose any weight.  Enough Said.

This is why I want to lose weight.  Enough said.

This is why nothing gets done around here.  Enough Said.

This is why I have a love/hate relationship with painting-- I hate cleaning the brushes.  Enough Said.

This is my drooling little boy.  He is getting his molars.  Enough Said!

This is the sweet boy up on the night of his birthday.  I am usually not this chipper at night.  Enough Said!

Happy Tuesday to you all.  See you again for Thursday's post!

On the journey,


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  1. I'm all about buying new paint brushes every time I paint. How wasteful am I? :)

    You will do great on your Mother's day talk! Weren't you a state champ or something in speech in high school?