Monday, April 12, 2010

Ode to Aunt God Love

... I can not get enough of posting today-- maybe it's the weather.  But I just had to get out of my head and onto this blog a few observations from my walk today.  I call this an ode to Aunt God Love because I had an Aunt Inez, who I never met but love her name, who apparently said "God Love" to everything.  So...

* God Love the grandma and her grandson who I see everyday as I walk past them in the park.  God love that we both go there at approximately 11:00AM.  Are you sneaking in the gorgeous weather in between morning nap and lunch, too?  God love that you park your Radio Flyer right in the sidewalk and I have to take my huge stroller and dog around it in the grass everyday.  We don't mind.  God love your matching track outfits today.  I think God really does love spandex pants or he wouldn't have made them...

* God love the 4 hills on my 4 mile route.  God love Dekker, who didn't cry until the last one.  It takes Mommy awhile to go 4 miles these days.

* God love Josie.  You are a hunting dog by nature.  You hunt anything, from squirrels to rabbits to weeds blowing in the distance.  I learn a lot from you and I love you.  God love you, that you are still my faithful companion even when I tug on your leash so hard that I secretly pray no one is filming it and turning it into the humane society.  God love you, you have heard more curse words out of my mouth than any other living thing.

* God love the creepy white van.  I'm sure you are simply trying to find an address as you creep down the street I am walking, but it's creepy.  I look you right in the eye like Oprah says so you know I can identify you.  God love all the traffic who hates you as you creep down the middle of the road.  These people only have 60 minutes for lunch, including commute time.  Try to pick a side.  They will gladly pass you.

* God love the grown son and elderly woman sitting on the porch.  Or maybe you are a repair man who stayed for lemonade.  I made up stories about you for a good mile.

And one more from a text I just got:
* God love my sister-in-law who just texted me a worry I forgot to add to my previous blog entry.  I am always worried that I am pregnant b/c I simply can not comprehend HOW the Nuva-Ring can possibly keep me from reproducing.

That's all for now.
God's love to you all!


PS I think I'll start counting points TOMORROW :)


  1. This is hilarious! I love the way you phrase it (God love...)!

  2. I had forgotten to mention it, but yes, I totally thought you'd put the worry about being pregnant down too! :-) This post is a reminder to enjoy all the great little things in life that will pass you by if you're too focused on other things, like worrying about stuff you shouldn't. Love it! (As always.)

  3. You sounded just like Aun Nez, she would have loved this! I have some good memories of her and Nan together and this just brought back a flood of them! Thanks.

  4. HAHAHAHAHA!! That's all I have to say.

  5. Best blog so far! God love it!