Thursday, April 1, 2010

All Natural

All Natural-- that is how my nails will be at Dekker's birthday party this Saturday.  I have not gotten to the magic "Lifetime Weight" and therefore not getting the fake nails.  So deal with it-- I am.  Actually, I considered a therapy friendly move in going ahead and getting them in spite of not reaching my goal-- because I "deserve" it anyway-- but I honestly didn't have time.  I did get on the scale this week and I am happy to say that I have maintained my weight loss almost exactly.  I still have 4-5 lbs to go, and I am loving this weather, my stroller, strawberries and grapes.  I honestly feel super confident that I will, in fact, reach the magic weight.  And I will be the same person then that I am now, still vowing to love my body for all the wonderfulness it has been to me (including, but not solely, Dekker).

My friend Beth hit the nail on the head tonight when she said that "productive comes in streaks."  Seriously, for weeks I sat around and did nothing.  When we got home from Vegas and suffered through the time change, I napped EVERY time Dekker did.  That's an hour in the AM and 2 in the afternoon my friends.  It was HEAVEN.  But, my house was honestly falling apart at the seams-- not to mention that my husband, who works from home, started commenting on the "bed sores" I was going to get from laying in bed so much.  It's addictive.  Anyway, all of the sudden it got nice out, and I started drinking Starbucks with caffeine again, and I got a fire under me.  So instead of being reasonable and picking a few things to get started on, I picked everything I had been procrastinating for the last, oh 18 months, plus stuff that is timely enough it can't wait... and what's left is me in a mess.  Here's some "irons" on the "fire":

* Dekker's birthday party-- a taco bar.  Again, taking great advice from my friend Beth, who has been known to say "throw some money at your problems"-- I contacted my friend who just opened a bakery in town and BOUGHT the cupcakes and treats for Saturday.  So after an undisclosed amount of budgeted "treat" money, plus a 10lb chub of ground beef from Sams and several boxes of taco shells-- I am ready.  Well I need to clean, but I'm basically ready.  Oh, and find something to wear.  Bless my mother and father for coming early to help me set up and bringing half the food for both Saturday and Sunday...

* Hosting Easter Dinner for my folks and Dave's.  Again, timely and lovely.  I decided that since we're already driving to the bakery for the treats we might as well just buy the bread rolls she's been gushing about on facebook.  Can't wait to try them.  Check out her bakery, Uprising Bakery (Bickford Bakery) on facebook.  House will already be clean, mom is bringing ham and corn-- no biggie really.

* I have decided that for some reason this year we MUST have the AC unit inspected.  We have never done this but I got the idea in my head and have mentioned it to Dave everyday since.  Hahaha.  They are scheduled for next week and for $107 it better be worth it.

* Decided this would be a good time for another round with the landscaping guy (part of my quest for simplicity).  The "throw money at it" is getting rather expensive now!  I just want an estimate on taking out some MORE of the shrubbery in our yard-- more lawn please, plus a spring clean up/cut back (this currently takes us almost two full weekends-- and I cuss out the former owners the entire 4 days), plus I want to know how much to totally remove the so-not-kid-friendly pond.  We'll see what he comes back with, tomorrow at 1:30.  Ug, there went my morning nap picking up dog poop.

* I continue to clean out my closets.  I am almost condensed to ONE closet of clothes.  I have six bags for the Open Door and am encouraging Dave to fill one up.  I need to get them at least to my trunk before the festivities this weekend.  I have realized a few areas that I actually DO need to buy some clothes that fit.  Summer work shirts, for example.  I don't need 20, but 3 would be nice.

* I deep cleaned Dekker's room, including his windows, lights, and toted up all his clothes, burp rags, boppy, bath seat, unused bottles, etc.  Incredible.  His room looks amazing and it encourages me to keep the path for the rest of the house.  No more clutter.

* We took out a wall in our kitchen about two years ago.  Yep, 24 months ago.  Then we laid all new flooring.  Then, when I was about 30 weeks pregnant we painted everything and put on new hardware.  And then we had a baby who never stopped crying, and then when he did we have just eaten up every minute with him.  So this week we got the finishing touches lumber and it is almost totally done.  And I hired the lovely simplicity party host to help with the hearth room (I love you Kim).  So we have been looking at products and making plans and I love it.  I have some money set aside and I think it's going to come out absolutely fantastic.

* I am also scheduling Dekker's one year photos with Nellie Smith in Lincoln.  And his one year check up.  And that means I need a visit to the doctor.  And my 403b needs rolled over by next Friday (I have put that off since September).  And our credit card number got stolen today so we have an outstanding $100 charge to FARMVILLE.  (I didn't even know that stuff cost money?  Ridiculous.)

That's a lot of irons on the fire.  If I was my own counselor I would say to enjoy every day, to bless events as they come and set them aside, and to not get wrapped up in tomorrow and lose sight of today.  Each of these things are lovely, but I am not so naive to think that busy = important.  Certainty not.  It is no measure of my worth in how busy I am.  In fact, it shows poor boundaries, if anything.  And I am not complaining one tiny bit.  Just can't believe how one streak of productivity has turned into so many projects.  Super loving it, though. We're getting a lot done.  If you have been putting off something I encourage you to just get started.  The hardest part is getting started-- motivation kicks in LATER!

Maybe after this streak I can go back to napping!!

On the journey,


PS I am procrastinating my blog about my feelings regarding Dekker turning one-- I still have about a week, okay!?!?  It is still so close to my heart, so tender-- such a mixed bag of emotions.  I'm sure I will find words soon...

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