Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Medical Mystery + Corona = Happy Wednesday

First an update on my ear infection.  It was no ear infection at all.  Hahaha.  I am apparently horrible at pinpointing what is actually the problem.  I should just stick to saying what hurts.  So last time my glands really hurt, which made my throat hurt, but it was actually caused by an ear infection.  This time my throat hurt again and it was... my throat.  Imagine that.  I have an infection, white pockets of puss to be exact, on the right side of my upper throat and on my tongue.  You can see it with the naked eye and a flash light.  Just ask Dave.  It is totally gross.

Frustrated with my family doctor and the reoccurring nature of these infections, I called around and got in to an official Ear, Nose and Throat office.  The PA there was wonderful, and assured me that getting infections every other week all summer is not "typical" and is in fact no way to live.  I nearly burst into tears in his office.  He suspected a bigger underlying problem and did blood work for strep and mono, both of which came back negative.  When I was in his office, I asked him what we'd do if they both came back negative and he said, "they won't.  But if they do then you need to come back in 10 days when the antibiotic is done and we will go from there."  So that's the plan I guess.  I'm trying to stay positive.  I'm thankful that I do get almost immediate relief with antibiotics, even if temporary.  And that it "goes away" with medicine apparently rules out bigger problems like cancer.

My friend and personal physician assistant Suzanne just texted me... "I bet your allergies are causing congestion which increases infection risk."  Then she advised me to get a new toothbrush.  I love her.  I do a daily nose spray but am considering, with the ENT, a once daily like Zyrtec.  Lots of people find a lot of relief from them.  I personally never have-- and I have struggled with allergies since 1990 including several once dailies, two surgeries and three rounds of shots-- but I have never tried Zyrtec.  There has to be more preventative things I can do rather than feel awful, take an antibiotic for 10 days and get sick a week later.  I'm also considering more regular chiropractic care.

In other news, I dressed Dekker today in his birthday present from his Aunt Beth.  She went to Mexico on a mission trip in March and brought back this little beauty.  It's a Mexican soccer uniform.  I love it, especially in the spirit of the World Cup.

Only problem was that Aunt Beth never checked out the back of it when she bought it.  At least that's what she says!  So enjoy the beer logo on the back side!!

And ignore the fact that my son is about to fall of the counter while I take pictures with my phone to email to myself for this blog.

I am ending with a rather lengthy note that I copied off facebook.  Please check it out and pray for this family today.  (click on the "more" link next to my name)

On the journey,


7 wonders of the word

Monday at 12:48pm

Life is challenging this week.

Karen has surgery on Wednesday to remove 2 cancerous tumors in her right lung; one being very scary close to a pulmonary the surgeon has to stick his hand through her ribs for the 3rd time to remove them.

This is Karen's 7th major cancer surgery in 10 years. Yes, there are 7 wonders in the world that everyone knows about....but I'm more amazed at what my wife has had to deal with for these past 10 years. I'm not doing well at this very moment...but I will be...stop the pain....that's what I cry out to God for my beautiful wife.

"Dear friends, do not be surprised
at the painful trials you are suffering,
as though something strange is
happening to you.
But rejoice that you participate
in the sufferings of Christ,
so that you may be overjoyed
when His glory is revealed."

~ I Peter 4:12-13 (NIV)

Surgery happens on Wednesday June 30th...they'll deflate her lung and remove the 2 spots. Probably 5 days in the hospital with an epidural...which is good...but the recovery is torture.

We'll probably get a hospital bed's easier for Karen to find a comfortable spot while her ribs are healing. The rest of the summer will be spent in the house...but if it gives her 10 more years; it's all good.

There've been a whole lot of tears this time around...since it's been 2 years of normalcy. My wife is a warrior!

This is my word of encouragement from God.

Today, again, I promise you that pain is a gift. it purifies our souls. gives God a chance to prove Himself: that love ALWAYS wins. miracles ARE raised out of ashes. we can really appreciate the gifts He has saved for us only if we have lived with pain.

Take pain's hand. make her your friend. believe....always...that darkness does NOT last forever.

Jesus is my Song. the ONLY One who can paint beauty and purpose in our lives if we embrace the pain, and wait for Him to create the sunrise.

Our acceptance of suffering ultimately brings God's brand new, fresh tomorrows. May I never allow my disappointment to become louder than my praise. As hard as that is, it will teach me the reality of the power of the name of Jesus. Who was, and is, and is to come.

Blessings my friends,

Todd Grove


  1. Glad it's not mono! I hope you're feeling up to garage sales on Friday, but that's just my selfishness talking. :-) Couldn't hurt to try something like Zyrtec, right? I mean, I hope it's that easy of a fix so you can be feeling good all the time! I know what it's like to be sick so long you feel like you're never going to feel better again. And to start the dark thinking that says you must have a tumor or something! But that's rarely the case, as I tell myself, and now counsel you. :-)

  2. Praying you are better soon and stay that way! Thank you for the update, I was thinking about you. Love Dekker's outfit, even if it has a beer logo on the back (and almost fell off the counter, ha).
    Praying for that family, wow, I just can't imagine.
    Love ya!

  3. FYI, Karen's surgery went well-the Dr's said it was "successful". So, several months of recovery, but it's good news!

    I hope you can figure out the throat thing, zyrtec, chiro, or whatever! No fun :(

  4. And, knowing you probably hadn't posted again since I know you're at your HS reunion, rocking it out...I still thought I'd check. And, just for fun re-read this, and noticed that while you may have been knowingly neglectful in letting your 1yr old dangle from the counter LEAST your outlets were covered. Does Dekker spend a lot of time on the counter? He must, otherwise why would a person put a child-proof cover on the outlet way up there??!! HAHA!! Love you and I hope you are having a great time showing off your hot husband and adorable baby!