Monday, June 28, 2010

Mean Mommy

Because I have  been somewhat of a blog slacker lately.... I'm hoping for a multiple post week and just wanted to get started by giving proof that I am, in fact, a mean Mom.

This is sweet, sweet Dekker crying for his mom.  I stopped to take a picture before picking him up.  Mean Mom Exhibit #1.


I hope this link works.  Mean Mom Exhibit #2.  We thoroughly enjoyed the sprinkler park off 120th and Center with our nieces and nephews Sunday.  Sweet Dekker got stuck under the sprinkler-- took him by surprise.  I kept the camera rolling.  Pardon my arm and laughter at the end of the clip!

Couldn't possibly love that little boy more!

More tomorrow.

On the journey,



  1. That poor baby!! Thank heavens his daddy rushed over to rescue him, before he drowned! :) Love him!

    I love Rugger pushing Ryleigh, and then attempting to kick her. If he wants her attention a "hey Ryleigh, I love you, you're the best sister I could have ever asked for..." would probably work better.

  2. you are mean, ha ha!