Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Life, Life, and an Update on Life

Well... to the three of you who check this regularly and have texted me wondering where my post was yesterday, I have no good excuse-- but I love that you check my blog!  Last week was basically the week from hell, with Dave out of town and Dekker and I both coming down with ear infections.  I'm just going to back up to our anniversary weekend and give a little update on life.

* Friday Night June 11: We dropped Dekker off with my folks at the gas station on N. 27th street in Lincoln.  We used a three year old gift certificate to Misty's Restaurant and went to the downtown location.  A delicious steak was a great way to celebrate 5 years of wedded bliss (ish). ha.

* Saturday/Sunday: Staycation Continues.  Saturday we slept wwaayy in, probably more than we have slept in since having Dekker and I am not exaggerating.  It was fantastic.  We were comfortable in our bed, there wasn't any major noise and we didn't have the feeling of "we should get up" for any reason.  We had brunch at Wheatfields and sat on the patio and talked for over an hour after we were done eating.  What did we talk about?  Anything.  Saturday we also went to the midtown theatre for an early movie and went to Taste of Omaha where we made a few new, funny friends on a park bench and sat there for over an hour waiting for the fairly pathetic firework show.  Sunday we had donuts and coffee and took a good old fashioned drive and ran a few errands.   Then we went to Lincoln and picked up Dekker, where my mom and dad thought he was getting a cold.  I worked the nursery that night for night church and Dave and Dekker had a fun night at home together, which included an early bedtime.  Then we had Fazoli's.  It was the perfect end to a no-cooking, no-cleaning staycation.

Note: Well, I honestly debated and debated the Necessity of having my folks keep Dekker.  I mean, he's a good kid.  He sleeps ALL night, 12 hours a night, and naps a good 2-3 hours everyday.  He is a lot, but it's not like we don't have any time to one another, especially at night.  But within 30 minutes of dropping him off with my folks, I was glad I did.  We missed him all weekend.  But I don't think we realize how much mental and physical energy it takes to keep up with kids.  Without Dekker at home for the weekend, Dave and I were able to focus on one another and just free our mind of naptimes, bedtimes, diapers, discipline, etc.  We sat and visited for hours at several restaurants.  We stayed out late, ate whenever we wanted, and even sat on the couch for a few hours.  It was a great time to reconnect and I'm telling you ladies out there-- it was completely worth it.  Our marriage is better because of it and I hope we never start thinking it's "no big deal" to spend quality 1:1 time together.  It is SUPER important.

Monday/Friday: Dave traveled to Michigan.  I had a busy work week and when I woke up Tuesday and couldn't swallow again I went straight to the doctor, well, PA actually.  Another ear infection.  So weird.  My allergies are out of control and I don't know what to do.  I have allergies just like millions of other people, but for some reason my sinus and throat won't drain the mucus (TMI, I know).  So it settles and I get infections, typically a sinus infection but for whatever reason this year-- ear infections.  I think living with allergies and accepting this as "normal" totally sucks.  Dekker really struggled at daycare Tuesday and by Wednesday I was going out of my skin with him (calling and texting various family members and friends in my misery-- you girls are too good to me-- their replies made me cry, which made Dekker cry...) so I called and got him into the same PA ("It's me again!") and he had an ear infection, too.  And no, they are not contagious.  So glad I took him in.  Thurs I worked again.

Friday: Spontaneous trip to Des Moines with Beth.  Dekker slept in the car, the only place he would sleep, and we hauled him around the mall.  He is a TROOPER!  I think getting lots of daytime sleep was fantastic for him, and I loved the windshield time with Beth.  Beth, you are a fabulous friend.

Sat/Sun: Busy weekend, including a birthday party in Lincoln and a trip to Aurora to celebrate Fathers Day.

That brings us to the present.  We are all feeling better and doing good.  Dekker is napping much better and not waking up at night.  His ear infection, and its drainage, triggered for him an awful cough, which has stopped.  In the mean time, I am obsessed with the oil spill and have never watched so much CNN in my life.

I hope to get some pictures up to add to this post real soon but for now I am going to go rest a little more while Dekker sleeps.  And come back this week for an update on several of the Skinny Taste recipes I have tried.  Loving them!

On the journey,



  1. Laughing at myself after I read this, yes I have been checking on a regular basis and wodnering if I should text you to make sure everything was okay. I'm a little obsessed with checking for updates! So, glad everyone is much better. Glad you and Dave got some r&r to yourselves, always a good thing to do for your marriage.

  2. Your blog is way better than mine.

  3. I have become a regular with reading this so i appreciate your return!! Hope everyone is feeling better at your end!!!

  4. Thanks Jen! Are you going to McCook over the 4th?

  5. Hillary CrawfordJune 23, 2010 at 3:43 PM

    Glad you're back Stef! Stay healthy.