Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Little Gem... ...

Today (Monday) I went to Lincoln to shop with my Mom.  We went to South Pointe and I have decided that I really do heart that mall.  I love outdoor malls and I like South Pointe (yes, it is suppose to have the "e" on the end of Point"e") because it doesn't have any streets running through it.  Okay anyway, it rained on me all the way there-- can you say white knuckle driving??  I sprinted into Bed Bath and Beyond where I could fill up a cart in 15 minutes or less if you let me.  I had NOTHING on my list, but found a few great, must have things including...

1. A pineapple corer.  My friend Suzanne brought hers over earlier this spring and I LOVED it.  It ended up in my dishwasher and then my cupboard and a few times she was over and I honestly remembered that we had it but "forgot" to return it.  So... last Friday night after a great "make your own whole wheat pizza" night, I buckled down and gave it back.  So I found my own for $9.99 today and had a 20% of coupon.  If you don't have one of these slick (calorie-friendly) things, you should consider it.

2.  A new bathmat because I hate mine so much.  It has approximately 10 suctions on it and it's always sliding around.  This wouldn't be an issue if my tub weren't fiberglass and slicker than a whistle and (I think-- but Dave will refute) slightly tilted downward.  If I put Dekker in there without the mat he honestly slides right down to the drain.  (And yes, I clean it regularly, gross-0's).  So my new mat will take 30 minutes to "install" every time I clean, but it has a lot of suctions-- like 200 and I'm not over exaggerating.  Does anyone have a bathmat that they love?

3.  And finally, I found a little gem for the low low price of $4.99.  And because I was with my mom and every 20% off coupon she's ever gotten since 2004, I had a coupon that saved me $1.00.  So... ...

Well honestly.  For $3.99 I HAD to know if this would solve my hair problems.  The ones NOT created by my bangs taking on a zip code of their own...  It's not as easy as it looks...

I read the directions and everything.  I am going to keep working on it because actually, if I could get it in just right and get my hair to go over it just right and then spray hairspray on it just right... it almost covered up the device and looked pretty cool.  hahaha.  And now, Aunt Becky, you know what your "surprise" is.

The rest of the day was great.  It kept raining so we had Mexican food, then went to the new Kohls where we found some adorable PJ's for Dekker-- sweet thing is just growing up  and can you believe that we bought him size 24 months!  It is separate, pants and shirt.  Except the pants have footies (love them) and the shirt "snaps" into the waist band of the pants.  So big boy.  He is a big, WALKING boy.  We drove home and he "napped" in the car, then at home in his crib a little and we had a snack before I ran across town to my Monday night date with the Ted E Bear Hollow.  I took this salad and it was a HIT.  I served it with tortilla chips but a lot of people ate it with a green salad or as a side.  I made it the night before and just added the avocado right before we left.  I'm making the same thing for small group tomorrow night.  I'm loving the Skinny Taste website.

Need to get to bed... so I can fall asleep before the "flash flood" wakes me up tonight.  I love storms, actually, so I'm pretty jazzed and will be somewhat disappointed if it flops.

On the journey,



  1. 1) It's more a porcelain encased steel tub, not fiberglass. I know this because I've removed it, and I wish to the dear Lord above that it _had_ been fiberglass.

    2) The tub itself _is_ slanted, so the water will drain. The thing I was talking about was the water. Because you said all the toys would float to the drain-side. The water itself will always be level, the tub - no, it does slant.

    3) I'm not sure how I feel about you ladies and your bumpits...or that I now have to admit I know what they are.

    -Loving Hubs

  2. Can I just say that I love your blog!! You crack me up, and I seriously laughed out loud today when I read your comment about cleaning the bath tub regularly....made me think of us hauling all the shower curtains out of big blue and hosing them out in the yard! Just for the record....if that's all the more often you clean your tub I'm not sure you can call it regularly!! :)

  3. Natalie, why on earth did we think scrubbing a shower curtain on the SIDEWALK was "clean" at all! This just cracks me up beyond words. I'm pretty sure it was the liner that was a disaster-- and that we could have replaced it for $4 at Target! Surely this was before we had the washer and dryer, right?!?! Because you know that now I put it in the washer with a clean towel and some vinegar and detergent and it's spic and span! And I "Dry" it by hanging it back on the shower rod (novel idea)and not by hanging it over my chain link fence. Oh well, we fit into the neighborhood fairly well that afternoon! Thank you so much for this comment. Makes my day! And for the record, I loved that house and all our roomies...ridiculous cleaning memories and all!

  4. YYYYESSSSS!!!!!!! Why didn't I think of it, I am going to rock that bumpit right out. I can't wait! You are HYSTERICAL!!!

  5. I do wonder why we didn't think of putting the liner(s) in the washer...or just buying new!! I think my neighbors now appreciate that I don't wash my shower liner with a hose and hang in on my fence to dry! :) I do really miss that house and our roomies...what great memories! Kara just told me the other day about you guys trying to figure out how to pronounce "Hueftle" without asking me! Too funny!

  6. Love your Southwestern salad recipe, I'm making it today just for myself! :)

  7. I loved it too! It's similar to one I make, but more involved. I'm leaving out the cilantro when I make it, though. :-)

    Also, I've thought about getting a pineapple corer, but wondered if they were really that good...

  8. Tried the salad last night, it was a hit! I will keep the ingredients on hand to make this the whole summer, thanks.