Friday, June 4, 2010

God Love Fridays

* God love the .6 lb I lost on WW this week.  God love the author of Skinny Taste and all the new recipes I now have. I am getting closer and closer to those fake nails when I reach my WW "Lifetime Weight."

*God love my friend Nicole from good old MHS.  It was great to reconnect with her this week AND she turned me on to Skinny Taste.  I suppose it's one thing to have the website and another to USE the recipes on it.  So you know...

* God love that Starbucks drive through.  You give me material every week, Starbucks.  In the drive through this week the man says to me: "That's a nice scarf you have on there."  I reply, "Thanks."  Then he says, "That's a nice million dollar purse you have there."  I say, "The purse is worth more than what's in it (and that is very true my friends)" and he says "Well.... I'm sure they are nice purses."  Okay, the latte, Sir.

* God love Dekker, who eats anything inbetween two pieces of bread, including this week avocado and sloppy joe.

* God love my husband, who writes a blog that I am pretty sure most people don't understand.

* God love Mulhalls, who after our little episode, sent me a follow up letter and $20 gift card this week.  Whoa, they have now officially gone above and beyond.  But I have been wanting a new little planting pot... ...

* And finally, God love Fridays!

On the Journey,



  1. Hillary CrawfordJune 4, 2010 at 7:01 AM

    So I clicked on the link to Dave's blog, saw a bunch of numbers and letters and immediately closed back out. It scared me a little....I felt like I was tapping into some high security secret website!

  2. God love your husband in general, the blog is just over the top! Love this!

  3. luv the skinny taste website, thanks!
    interesting blog Dave's got going on, I don't have a clue about any of it! ha

  4. I'm so glad that we have reconnected! And your blog is always a good read!!

  5. God love my good friend Stef Rowe, who keeps me laughing when I read her blogs! Love ya!

  6. PS. I agree with Hillary..pretty sure I won't be "following" Dave's blog, but God bless him for being so smart! :)