Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Parking Wars

Just wanted to say "thanks" to whoever this is, who takes up two parking stalls every Monday night.  Seriously every time I see this (which is every week) I laugh out loud and cuss at myself for not taking my camera along.  Hahaha.  I knew you guys would appreciate this.  And would also appreciate that I took this picture with my phone, then emailed it to myself.  And that I was trying to discretely take the picture, while balancing my crock-pot full of ground turkey and taco seasoning on my hip while my car siren went off b/c I tried to lock it when the passenger door was unlocked.... oh anyway, the double stall isn't that big of a deal, there is plenty of parking all around.  But just too funny not to share!

On the Journey,



  1. Is that a Dodge Neon? Cute car, but really? Afraid of a door ding??!!