Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This Week In Pictures

Well, first things first.  We had a terrific weekend in McCook.  We got into town Friday night in time to put Dekker to bed.  My friend Amanda and her husband, Aaron came to my Aunt's house where we stayed and we sat and visited late into the night (or morning).  Dave had been up since 5:00 that morning and we were exhausted by the time we went to bed-- and so grateful to catch up with our friends.  Saturday morning Dekker did not get the memo that we were sleeping in and was up at 6:45.  We had a great morning around my aunts, a mediocre nap time, and a great play date at Amanda's with her four kiddos and Jennifer and her son.  Saturday night was the reunion-- it was hot and a lot of people weren't there-- but it was great to see those who were.

My Aunt has a beautiful staircase in her house.  We had gate at the stairway and a close eye on Dekker for just this reason...

Oh my heart!  My worst fear would be him falling through that!

Here are a few pics from Saturday night at the marina.  Happy 10 year reunion Bison class of 2000.  These are a few of the girls who were there...

In high school I had (and luckily still have) three great friends.  We were a party of four for most of high school.  The last 10 years I have drifted in and out and, thankfully, God has brought us closer again.  This is Jen, Amanda and me.  Sara is under my arm... in spirit.  She and Baby J couldn't make the trip from Arizona.

While I am on the topic of things I am thankful for, I want to give my Aunt Pat a shout out.  She is fantastic, a great woman who I admire in many ways.  She was a huge help with Dekker this weekend.  I hope I look a feel as good as she does when I am 70.

Sunday morning Dekker was up with the sun again.  My aunt had had a late night and Dave was still sleeping off the Friday marathon that had started at 5AM followed by such a busy and late Saturday night.  So I jumped up with Dekker, got his diaper changed and ran out the door with him hoping that Dave and Pat could sleep in.  (I found out later that Pat had jumped up to spend time with us!) We found a donut shop still open on the 4th and shared some donut holes and I had a latte.  Here is my sweet boy with some donut on his face.  His Mama's Boy!  Sorry that he looks drunk.

He was such a trooper riding around town.  We drove around for a good 40 minutes, which is long enough to see the whole town of McCook, which I enjoyed.  We drove by the house I grew up in.  It in and of itself didn't evoke a lot of emotion, but the neighborhood itself, including the house, did.  I was sad, almost to tears, driving around the "reservation" -- up and down the streets I walked and around my friends houses, etc.  It was hard, much harder than I anticipated.  The rest of Sunday was filled with church and family dinner and a marathon nap by Dekker.  We laid him down in my Aunt's walk-in closet.  It was dark and quiet and perfect for what he needed.  He was in a great mood for the ride home, and in his jammies by the time I snapped this picture.

In other news, I have an odd bug bite or rash of sorts on the back of my arm...

And... I am praying that this round of antibiotics works for my latest infection AND that we can find a way to remedy the re-occurring nature of them.

I also just want to say that I love my small group.

More Soon.

On the Journey,



  1. Back atcha, girl! Sorry we ran off so fast last night, but Jake was pretty tired beforehand and had already suggested that it might be an early night for him. :-) But I thought the discussion was great!! Will be praying about your health.

  2. love the pics from the reunion! Looks like so much fun! I'm positive Kelsie had the most fun out of anyone :)

  3. Love the pictures....it was so great to see you and i continue to feel amazing blessed to still be in contact with my girls!! Life has amazing ways of keeping us connected!!! Love you!