Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Writers Block

My friend Tori once wrote that the only way to get past writers block is to... write.  So get ready for a few random thoughts as I try to get back into the habit of... blogging.

* As I type Dave is researching P90X.  I am eating frosted animal crackers watching my friend Anderson Cooper.  It's safe to say that my head wants serious workouts and a super sculpted body but I can't get the rest of my body to agree.  Especially my hands and mouth.

* I am getting Dekker's hair cut tomorrow, hair cut #2.  I texted his awesome hair lady and asked if I could get my eyebrows done.  I can't get Yon (the lady who normally threads my eyebrows) to message me back.  She said yes and my unibrow has never been so thankful.

* I had one client today, who canceled.  I took the opportunity to get groceries and bought some Greek yogurt that is STACKED with protein.  I'm hoping that with some frozen blueberries might help curb my daily hunger and still taste reasonable.  I also bought said frosted animal crackers and then some cinnamon rolls jumped into my cart.  (Dangerous Place)

* I spent Saturday-Monday with my folks in Aurora.  Dave stayed behind to work on the basement office.  Can I just say that my folks could not be more cute?  At one point they very literally were pretend arguing about who got to be the "special one" and give Dekker an (unfrosted) animal cracker.  I could not stop smiling.

* Can I also just say that Dekker is such a fantastic gift in my life.  What a joy!  He now claps for himself when he does something he perceives as good.  Like putting a toy in the toybox or a lego back in the lego sack.  I love to see him clapping for himself.  He really gets "positive reinforcement" and I am so thrilled.  I thank our daycare friend, Leigh for this, too.  She is Fantastic.  Dekker is saying more words, and said "Grpa" this weekend for the first time.  Makes my heart melt.

* Our basement office is really coming along.  I am so proud of Dave.  What a guy!  I love how he reads and researches and just digs right in.  Awesome.

* More Irons on the Fire: Carpets cleaned Thursday by our friends at Legacy (move all furniture before then... ug), find someone to wash and stain the deck, order windows for basement, get an estimate for a deep cleaning of this house, get estimate to clean vents in house.

* I just saw an awesome commercial for "once in a lifetime deals" at Sandals. The economy is so bad I don't doubt it.  We want to go to Costa Rica in January.  We picked that location because it is still super super hot there then.

* Last night I was researching deck people on Craigslist and clicked on the therapeutic services link.  Big Mistake.  Let's just say they were not counselors...

* Can I just say that I love my brother.  We texted some today and I just laughed out loud.  He is hilarious.

Okay... I'm trying to get this writers block to get better!




  1. Love the random thoughts. This is what I need to do when I have blogger's block....like RIGHT NOW!

  2. Glad to see you back to blogging!

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  4. loved it, beginning to wonder about you!
    don't you just love brother's, mine makes me laugh all the time!