Saturday, July 10, 2010

Super Saturday

Random Saturday afternoon thoughts:

* I am afraid Dekker is going to get sick while I am in Denver with Beth and Lindsay.

* Back Up: I am going to Denver Mon-Wed with Beth and Lindsay.  It's a special birthday trip for Beth.  We're going to the Lilith Fair on Tuesday.

* And... I feel like Dekker is getting sick (again!).  He's coughing and has a clear runny nose and is a little fussy and isn't napping.  Dave assures me that if he gets sick he will get to the doctor and take the day(s) off work.  He's a good daddy.

* Today Dekker got up at 6:50.  I was a little annoyed but I figured that would mean a pretty good nap.  No sir.  He went down at 12:00 and was up at 1:00.  After three additional tries he is finally down again.

* I had donuts for breakfast today for the third Saturday in a row.  Somebody stop me.

* I recently bought a water play mat (never used) at a garage sale for $5.  I looked it up and it retails for $23 plus shipping-- I do love that company.  Today I hauled myself in a swim bottom and skirt, and Dekker in a swim diaper and swim suit outside to the swim mat where he proceed to scream, yell and beg me to pick him up.  I kept thinking, "I am not wasting a swim diaper on this."  Then, he bit me.  You read that right.  Just as I picked him up, soaking myself, Dave grabbed the mat and announced, "I don't really like this thing" (it is a huge water waste).  Welp, time to go inside (she said with a locked jaw).

* Dekker also refused to eat his peach today.  Just as I was about to eat it myself I put it in a container for later.  I don't need it peeled and chopped, after all.  All that work just to eat it myself.  No thanks.

* I set out to make some puppy chow.  Because this is what healthy people do.  It's healthy physically (hahaha) and mentally (hahaha).  I plan to take it to Denver.  And then I figured that while my kitchen is a mess and all the ingredients were out-- and while Dekker was sliding around the floor with the Gulf baking Wax that he had somehow gotten to and gotten out-- that I would make a second batch and put it in the freezer for small group.  Which I did, but I think I might have gone overboard with the powdered sugar.  PTL it wasn't flour.  I've made that mistake before.

* We started the process of finishing an office in the basement.  After two years of working at home we decided that Dave didn't need to freeze through another winter.  Though I adore watching him go to work in a hoodie, pulled up over his head/ears, and lined windpants and the occasional pair of gloves :)... it's time that the man make his living in a little more comfort.  Heaven help me that our marriage survives the hammering and late nights and agendas going separate directions and the finances.  It should be fairly painless actually, and I trust Dave will do just great, and it will be a great start to finishing the basement.  So I'm in.  For today anyway.

* We cleared the space and picked up the lumber today.  There was a beautiful custom made work bench that Dave dismantled.  Dave moved his desk.  Great Start!  Let's celebrate with 1/2 price sushi tonight!!

* We continue to sell things on Craigslist.  I _think_ we finally sold the pond and pump today and maybe even the washing machine.  Next up, the table and chairs.  We need to get that out of the basement.  And, while I'm at it, I've been considering a late season garage sale to hopefully get some more junk out of the basement.  You know what they say: The best part of having a garage sale is getting all the junk out of your house-- what doesn't sell I'll give away (within reason) and the basement will be much cleaner.  How do we accumulate so much junk?!?  We did this just a few years ago.

* I recently purged my office files.  I feel lighter!  Next up: Take unused books to 1/2 price books.  Junk, Junk go away!

* We have a Sunday night wedding tomorrow night.  Should be fun.  I was confused to hear about a Sunday night wedding but I've since learned that this trend is gaining a lot of popularity.  Great way to end the weekend if you ask me.

Welp, Dekker is up from his nap and walking around fussing.  I can't tell if he's sickly or if he's entering the age of temper tantrums.  I suspect both.  But man, that crying is hard on a Mama.  He is just so sweet, even when he's walking around yelling.

On the Journey,



  1. I love that water mat, looks awesome. Hope he learns to like it?

    Our JDRF garage sale is the Saturday of Labor day weekend this year (I think) so have yours before then and send us your leftovers.


    See you tomorrow!

  2. Hillary CrawfordJuly 11, 2010 at 2:54 PM

    Mmmmm puppy chow made with flour!