Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Food Logs

Well, I survived the weekend!

We had a ball with my parents.  We ate at Senor Matias.  It was pretty good Mexican food... but our quest for the best Mexican food restaurant in Omaha is still on.   Any suggestions?  We've already tried La Mesa, Roja, and Senor Matias.  And Hectors.

Bread and Honey: 2
BBQ Beef: 6
Pear: 1
WW Ice Cream Bar: 1
Chicken Quesadilla: 12
Guacamole: 2
18 flour chips: 9
Diet Coke: 0
Salsa: 0
TOTAL: -12

Well, I am fairly proud of myself for Sat.  The restaurant had no nutritional charts on their website so I just used my "Complete Food Guide" book from WW.  Again, I think this is where a little extra grace is required.  We can only do our best, and I believe getting frustrated and upset is what leads to burn out, hopping off the plan, and ultimately more weight gain.  So I told myself I would have a nice night wherever we went but that I didn't have to eat like it was the Last Supper.  I looked through the Mexican Cuisine choices in the book before we went and already knew what I was going to order.  I also checked out the chips because I love them.  Regular restaurant style tortilla chips are 12 for 3 points.   They surprised me with flour chips (delish) so I just basically doubled the points.  Might be overkill, but I doubt it.  I get 35 bonus points for the week (Fri-Fri) and I can see that I will usually use a lot of them through the weekend.  So 12 on a special birthday night out I think was great.  Now on to Sunday...

Two 4" Pancakes: 3
Syrup: 3
Scrambled Egg: 2
Latte: 2

Obviously this is more than I would ever spend on a breakfast, but in the spirit of having company and relaxing before church, I loved it.  I had smaller portion sizes than usual and thought Dave looked mighty sexy behind a griddle :)  I had lunch with my pre-marriage Sunday School class.  Again, I watched portion sizes BIG TIME and consulted the Complete Food Guide book.  I passed on the pie and had a big salad.  I loved sharing a meal with these couples.  Food really is about gathering and celebration, as much as nutrition.  It is for this reason I believe we need to have a good relationship with it!

Spaghetti Noodles: 4
Spaghetti Sauce: 1
Meatballs: 6
Bread: 4
Salad: 1 (sunflower seeds)

I was super proud of this, too.  I did a great job not over-eating, and felt very satisfied.  By the end of lunch I was at -6.  HOWEVER, when we got home Dekker really starting going downhill.  He has been battling a cold all week.  He was fussy, his nose was running, he was fighting his nap-- and I was fighting the urge to stress eat everything in sight!

So I had some grapes (1).  The crying and fussing continues and I had a skinny cow (2).  Then I found the explosive diarrhea diaper and I ate a plate full of cookies!  Just joking... but I was so tempted.  I am realzing how much I use food as a stress reliever!  At night I had a piece of toast with some honey (2) and called it a day.  I ended the day -11.  I should have just had a half a chicken breast and some sauteed veggies for an actual dinner-- it would have been much healthier and more satisfying and probably the same amount of points as my buffet of snacks added up to.  Better luck next time.

Today, my goal is to get Dekker into the doctor and to start getting caught up on my paperwork for work.  I always feel behind and I have a big week coming up. And, to not use ONE bonus point today.  I can do that!

Well, little man is up from his nap and playing at my feet.  Sweet thing!  Duty calls...

On the journey.



  1. Love the Blog Stef!! I can totally relate to all the challenges that eating out causes when on WW. I think you did a great job planning ahead and making smart choices over the weekend!

  2. Thank you Cheryl. Your kind encouragement inspires me all the time to not quit, even when I have a disappointing day. I hope you are well!

  3. Okay, I know this is really, really late (I'm catching up!) but you should try Azteca on your quest for the best Mexican in town. It's really different. You know I'm a LaMesa lover, but Azteca is good too and again, just different. It's right off the 144th St exit from I-80. Rick also says Maria's in Ralston is good too, but I haven't been yet.