Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some Pics of the Babe

Dekker is getting too big.  Don't you just love his smile?!?  His shirt says "Handsome Like Daddy" and I couldn't agree more.  Hello Sweet Boy!

Proof that we do have one of the best dogs in town.  Dekker and Josie are really buddies!  Their relationship is changing now that Dekker is more on the move... so we'll see how things continue!

My little Conductor.  I recently found this while changing out all his clothes to 12 months or bigger.  Where did my little boy go.........

On the move!

Loving the Jumper!  We recently raised the height of this, and Dekker is getting a lot of miles out of it.  It's a nice break from chasing him all over :)

Dekker has a little cold right now and gets tired easily.  The sweet thing just lays his head down whenever he can.  You'll be happy to know I took this clue and got him right down for a nap!

On the Journey.


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  1. Stef,
    Love the pictures, he has already grown so much!!! Oh my goodness. Love your new blog, I enjoy staying "connected" to you. Tisha