Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cautious Optimism

First (if you've been wondering) I wanted to let you know that I did in fact weigh myself before we left for Michigan and I had lost one pound.  I'll hold my sarcastic tongue and excuses and just say that 5 lbs total in 2 weeks is thrilling.  I may have taken a few steps backward while on said trip, but I planned ahead really well with my bonus points so I am cautiously optimistic that come Friday I will maintain.  No hopes for a loss with all the food and no workouts.  Maybe next week.  Right now I am eating 4 points of Sweettarts, my Valentine's Day gift to myself.  They are delish and since I have zero food in this house, I know I won't be going over more than 2 points today.  Ug.  I am half heart-idly considering walking on the treadmill during American Idol tonight.  We'll see.

I also wanted to share this excellent Jambalaya recipe.  It is pointed at 8 points a serving, and you'll want to double check what is considered a serving.  Thank you again Amanda and Nathan for introducing us to this after Dekker was born.  It is very family friendly, and it's Milk and Soy free (I think??), FYI, in case you or someone you know is looking (or you're taking a meal to a friend).  You can consider substituting whole grain brown rice, which I believe would take the points down.

If you're wondering how I have time to sit and make lengthy blog posts in the middle of the day on a Tuesday (work day) it's because I'm home with a sick Dekker today.  (Who just woke up from his nap... more later)... ... ...

... ... ... I considered one super long post today, but it's now been six hours since Dekker woke up and I have been busy chasing him around, getting dinner together (aka warming up a Lean Cuisine), walking on the treadmill (which I almost did pant-less b/c I couldn't find a clean pair to save my soul-- can you workout without pants in your own home?) and talking to Dave.  So I'm settling for two shorter posts and hope to get to post some interesting things happening lately come tomorrow.  For now, I am tempted to stay up late, blog and watch the Olympics, but Goodness Knows that Dekker won't understand why I want to sleep in tomorrow :)  So good-night all.

On the journey.


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