Wednesday, February 24, 2010

9 Month Check Up. Check.

Well, today I finally made it in to see Dr. Walters for Dekker's 9 month well baby check up.  He is, in fact, 10.5 months old-- but she has been on maternity and Dekker has been sick so, you know, we went today.  I really love my pediatrician.  Very sweet lady, busy but not rushed, and takes time to talk to me.  In reality, I hate hauling Dekker to the doctor (it was a high of 19 today), and between the upper respiratory stuff over the last month, I feel like I have been in there weekly. But today was a nice appointment to talk about development, food, napping, other milestones and what looks like an MSPI allergy that he hasn't yet outgrown.   She assured me that deciding what the heck to feed a baby from 9-12 months can be somewhat of a challenge ("for first time moms"-- whatever, I'll admit it), and is more difficult thanks to the allergy.  A lot of foods like yogurt, cottage cheese, etc are out.  Through our discussion, she thought he was probably okay with soy, but not "big dairy" (aka not hidden diary).  She said we will probably start with Rice Milk and move to Soy Milk fairly quickly and then try Cow's Milk.  I sighed.  Never did I imagine this.  But I will count my lucky stars.  He is a healthy, growing boy in the 50% for weight and 90% for length.  I wonder where he gets that height?!?

She also listened to my over-exaggeration of Dekkers nap troubles here lately- complete with "if I have a bald spot next time you see me" language-- and suggested trying to go to one nap a day around 12.  I tried to explain that I like to go to the gym at 12 and I would like a 1:00 nap time.  She very kindly said that if I wait until 1 he is likely too tired and that is why he is fighting me so bad.  She gave me a "sorry, Charlie" look.  Oh well, if he would take a decent afternoon nap CONSISTENTLY then I could still go to the gym b/c Dave is home.  But in the past, when I have tried one nap I got one bad nap and one overly cranky baby.  Go figure, this morning he fussed for honestly an hour, slept for 40 minutes, and is 90 min in to the afternoon nap right now.  I am fat and happy, eating Sweet-tarts, grapes and watching last night's Idol. (This season has been a little hard for me to get into.  Also, at this point in the season I feel like following it is a part time job!  And, it competes with the Olympics!)  I think I'll try to close my eyes and rest myself, while my house cleans itself :)  Anyone out there have any nap tips?

I hope to get some pictures up tonight.  The first thing out of my mouth at 7AM this morning was "Do we have anything going on tonight?"  Dave's answer:  "No, Why?"  Me: "I want to go to bed early!"  Thinking about going to bed before I even get up for the day.  I was also asked what I was looking forward to the most about our trip to Vegas NEXT WEEK.  My answer?  Sleeping in!  I should have just got a hotel in downtown Omaha.  I will add to that spending time with Tisha and Marty and Becky and Mitch, flying, temperatures above 65 degrees, and eating some good food.  And winning big at the Casino, of course.  And wild parties and booze.  I can't even get that last sentence out without laughing.

As fate would have it, Dekker just woke up.  Ug.  Maybe today is a Sonic Happy Hour kind of day.

Here are a few pictures of the sweetie getting into trouble (I finally made some time to get these up-- days later):

He loves the DVD's and I am trying to teach him the word "No."  But I don't want him to think his name is "No."  So I pick my battles and this seems harmless enough.

Playing in the dog water.  This is a "No" every time.  (Smile)

Pretending he is camera shy...

On the journey.



  1. One week to Vegas, Baby!
    As I was making the bed this morning I told Marty, just think one more week and we get a little time away, I think I am in definite need of some R&R, I have been extremely fussy lately, put me right up there with Dekker! That 12p nap doesn't sound so bad!!!

  2. You know you're officially in the first two years of motherhood when sleep sounds like the most indulgent thing possible. The sleeping thing has got to get better, right? RIGHT?

    Read my blog post from today. I totally feel your pain.