Friday, February 5, 2010

Weigh In Week Two: Say What?!?!

I got on the scale today and almost fell off! I couldn't believe it. I had broken my "won't get on it for a week" rule about mid week and realized that I had lost about 1.5 lbs. That is fantastic, and in my first few weeks of WW in the past, I did lose 2 or 2.5 lbs, so I figured I was right on track with that. Plus, the more weight one has to lose, typically the quicker it will come off in the beginning.... anyway....

My weight loss this morning was 4.2lbs! I simply can not believe it. Well, I can actually. I weighed in first thing in the AM, in my PJ's-- which is consistent with last Friday. Which means my weight will fluctuate all day as I eat. And, honestly, a lot of this is probably water weight. I have been hitting the water hard, which ironically leads to an overall loss of water weight (your body says "Hey, I'm getting enough water. I can let go of this water reserve.") So I am THRILLED but cautious. My suspicion? Next week will be a much much much more moderate weight loss, and the two weeks averaged together will be more "typical."

Probably the best thing about this, though, is that my favorite, standard black dress pants are fitting sooo much better. They are a size bigger than I like to buy, but at least I can comfortably wear them. We booked our plane tickets and hotel to Vegas this week-- warm weather and spring clothes here I (hopefully) come!

I have nine bonus points left to use or not to use by the end of the day today. We'll see. Yesterday I just had a salad for lunch because I knew we would be having left overs for dinner, which I assumed would be higher points, and I was right. But I packed said lunch and hauled it to work and felt so much better. I also went to Thurs night yoga, knowing that I would be home with a still under the weather Dekker today. Hate missing that Friday class-- I love it-- but can't stand the thought of taking Dekker out in 5 new inches of snow with a cold to the gym daycare.

In general, I'm hoping that I don't use as many bonus points this weekend. We are headed to Michigan to visit my brother and his family next week (Thurs-Mon). This way, I can "save" my bonus points for Thurs/Fri this week and start over with Sat-Mon of the following week. More about how I plan to manage that to come.

A few other thoughts: I made a great dinner Wed night-- shake and bake chicken with only half the mix, on top of petite diced tomatoes and snap green peas covered with 1/4 cup cheese (all baked together in a 9X13) then tossed with about 1/2 cup whole wheat pasta. It was delish. I had only 1/2 a chicken breast, or 4 oz (which IS one serving), and it was 6 points total. This morning I "drank" my breakfast-- an orange yogurt (2) and a cup of thawed frozen whole strawberries (1) with some water in the magic bullet. Lovely. Finally, I have been craving nachos. I have been contemplating how to do this. I think I could do it with baked tortilla chips and a combination of 1/2 fat free cheese and 1/2 regular cheese. Fat free cheese doesn't melt very good, but it tastes fine. Maybe I will try this out for the Super Bowl or Sunday after church.

Hello end of week two. I owned you! Welcome week three, where I get Activity Points if I chose and reach or exceed my official pre-baby weight.

On the journey.

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  1. Love the pictures of Dekker! And I love reading your blog :) You are such a strong person with this weight watchers thing, I am so undisciplined it's insane, that's why I never have started WW. Anyway, great job on your yummy lite meals! See ya at church Sunday! I hope Dekker's feeling better!
    PS. I found this other blog you should check out, it has a very touching birthing story.