Friday, February 19, 2010

Weigh In...

Because I know you are waiting with baited breath, I wanted to quick say that I lost 1lb this week.  Not too shabby considering the trip we took, including Wendy's, doughnuts, and delicious popcorn and M&M's (Oh Amy, I loved that popcorn!).  However, one pound is what I mean when I say that weight loss is hard!  I know that 1lb adds up (after all, I've lost 11lbs from my heaviest post-pregnancy (winter) weight and 6 since I started WW and this blog), but it's not exactly major rewards.  Still, I'll take it, and the fact that my work pants didn't make me want to hate myself all day yesterday.  Two weeks until Vegas!  Even a few more lbs will make a difference with those Spring clothes-- so I continue!

Here are a few pics from our trip to Michigan:

Grandpa and Nana with all the grandkids.  Do you think we could get them all to look at the camera and smile at once?  Never.  Dekker particularly was not having it.

This is Dekker on his first plane ride!  We had a blast with him.

Our family of three.  I wish I would have put my hair over my shoulder but oh well.  It's really long right now.

All the cousins playing together.  Pictures of these three crawling around on the floor together are forever in my memory.  So sweet.

Also, a side note, I am about 4.5 lbs from my WW "Lifetime Weight."  When I hit that, I'm getting fake nails.  And if I can go 5 under that, I'm not sure what I'll do but it will be BIG.  My goal is to have fake nails by Dekker's birthday party on April 3rd.

How are you doing with your healthy eating/exercise goals?  I hope you are keeping at it, because small steps equal big rewards somewhere down the line...

On the journey.


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