Monday, February 28, 2011

Quick 5

A day late and a dollar short but, you know, hang with me.  My friend Jenny says she shouldn't blog as a courtesy to Jesus and others when she's in a foul mood, and I might need to take her advice today.  So we'll just see how far we get here, k.

1.  I am in a foul mood today.  I absolutely woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  Heaven help me (and Dekker and Josie and Dave).  I am so frustrated with absolutely every.single.thing.  Not to mention the fact that we have a house-full of toys and Dekker wants to play with the plunger, curtains, dog food and my water bottle.
2.  The sweet boy is sick and I feel like I'm getting whatever he has.  Which seems to be basically nothing but a stuffy nose.  We're doing breathing treatments and nose suctioning, yadadada, but he is crabby-- which creates the perfect storm if you get my drift.  He's currently avoiding his afternoon nap as I type. 
3.  I had a great weekend with my mom and dad in Aurora while Dave worked on the basement.  It's great to see them, and they make packing/traveling so worth it.  They spoil us both, and it's fun to see how gaga they are over every thing Dekker does.
4.  I watched the Oscars with some great friends last night.  Not one to see a lot of current movies in the last year (common Netflix streaming-- catch up!) I was a bit lost, but it was really fun and by far the latest I've stayed up in a home other than mine in a long while.  I felt like a 20-something for a few hours there.  Maybe the lack o sleep has something to do with #1.
5.  I'm considering joining Jazzercise.  Mostly because I love the class times at the location by my house, which has childcare for $1.  My ever tight pants also contribute to #1 :). 

Welp, on that happy note, have a good Monday everybody.

On the journey,


  1. Praying for you today!! Somedays are just tough! Take care of yourself,

  2. I bought a Jazzercise video and am doing it at home....let me rephrase....I've done it once at home. It's called "Dancin Abs". I do like it, I just like cuddling with my baby more. :) Miss you!