Friday, February 18, 2011

Quick 5

How is it Friday again?!?  I'm not feeling very witty today but did want to let you all know the alcohol (see last week's post) is untouched and still on the counter.  My friend Beth came by and asked when the frat party is!?!  Hahaha. 

Quick Five:
1.  Dekker and I had a busy week and just loved it.  We went on lots of walks, spent some time with our friend Suzanne and her baby girl Campbell, had a play-date with my friend Amy and her son Eli, and just today went to the community center for "Toddler Play Time" then out to lunch with some super sweet people including Jenny, Max, Katie and Quinn.  It's been fun to get out of the house and eat up this weather.
2.  I have been busy at work which is just great.  It's been fun to have a full schedule and stay busy at the office.  The paycheck is rewarding, too :)  The paperwork is not so rewarding, but I'm trying really hard to only do it on my days at the office and not let it eat up every nap time and evening at home, too.  This week I also shared at Wildwood Christian Church's Wednesday night adult program, which got me thinking about #5 below.
3. Don't forget to check out my hubby's new photo blog.  I think it's pretty cool:
4.  Our cleaning lady, Mary, was out of town.  She came back this week and can I just say that I forgot how much I missed her.  It was terrific to have an entirely clean house-- it was nice out and I opened the blinds and it even smelled clean.  She comes once a month, and I was a little embarrassed with the state of our house, but I quit caring pretty quick.  Say whatever you want about me working two days a week and having a cleaning lady.  I love having my days at home with Dekker and my weekends as a family.  And, now I sound defensive, but I do clean plenty in-between Mary's visits-- we have a dog, host small group, etc etc.
5.  We're preparing for another Stonebridge Pre-Marriage Retreat.  This year, I got trained in the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment and this is the first time we will be using it.  It has been some extra work and I'll be interested to see if in the end we find it worth the time and money.  I know many churches have used this, and it is very interesting and research based, and I'm praying that it combined with the retreat will be good.  I've also been dreaming about an "Adopt a Newlywed" program for the couples married at our church.  Wouldn't that be a fun way to mentor another couple-- maybe meet for a meal once a month for the first year???  If you want to adopt a couple you should tell me!

Here's to another great weekend and fulfilling week.
On the journey,


  1. Love it! Always interested in your life and what's going on. Will have to check out the photo blog!
    have a Blessed weekend,

  2. I love the "adopt a newlywed" idea. Interesting. I'm not sure we should take on another project just yet, but keep me in the loop.

  3. Loved the blog! And I can't even tell you how relieved I feel that you have a cleaning lady....we just hired one after the first of the year and I find myself feeling guilty about it, but now when I start feeling guilty I'll just remind myself that you have a cleaning lady too and therefore its okay for me to have one! :) haha!