Friday, February 11, 2011

Quick 5

See, here we go.  A week has flown by, so I'm thankful for Tori's Quick 5 today and a reminder to do mine!

1.  We bought lots of alcohol on the cruise.  I mean, not lots and lots, but some Rum and wine.  And since we drink alcohol at a rate that the rum will still be here for our 10 year anniversary, I'm not sure what to do with it.  There's really no place to store it for 5 years, and I don't want it anywhere where Dekker can "play" with it.  So right now its on the counter which is exceptionally classy.  We hid it for small group :)  hahaha. Like they care.

2.  Last Saturday night we took Dekker to the indoor play ground at Mahoney with our friends Jenny and Kirk and Max.  It was a fun family night.  It was neat to see Dekker play with other kids and enjoy himself, and to see him run and run until he broke a sweat.  I know he hates being cooped up all winter like we all do.  I still get surprised to see him "get it."  It's hard for me to believe how big he is getting! 

3.  Every week I write a few goals down on a sticky note and put it on my calendar.  Normal things like groceries and laundry don't get on the list-- it's the "other" stuff.  This week I had a goal to clean out my mail basket, pick up some stuff at Hobby Lobby, call a friend and get coffee everyday.  Hold your tongue on that last one.  I know its expensive.  And even sugar free, fat free adds up.  But having pathetic goals including massive amounts of coffee was the only way I knew how to adjust back from vacation.  And.... now it's Friday and I still have that mail basket left :) 

4.  This is a quilt square.  When my Grandma Soden passed away each of her kids got a few quilt squares.  So this one was passed on to me by my dad.  I had it framed and I find it... beautiful.  I doesn't have straight edges and I chose to have the mat behind it to show off the piece more-- and I think it turned out super.  My grandma was an incredible cook, so I hung this in my kitchen with purpose.  I already love looking at it, and remembering her sweet spirit.  She was an incredible woman of faith-- a real encourager.  Missing her today

5.  I have been glued to CNN throughout the Egypt crisis and find today to be an incredible day!  Also, I have been getting my contacts in and out with minimal break-downs.  Okay, that's all for today.

On the journey,


  1. I love that quilt square in your kitchen, it looks fab and the meaning behind it is very cool, that's my favorite kind of art!

  2. Love the quilt square, so sweet! Makes me think of all the good memories I had with Ma!
    Have a great week!