Friday, March 4, 2011

Quick 5 (Status Updates that never made it to facebook this week)

1.  Stefanie trying not to count how many times I've huffed Afrin this week.  It's addictive you know.  But it works sooo well on this cold/allergies/misery. (Monday)
2.  Stefanie Rowe... has a big break in her day and instead of spending it on paperwork, ran home and took a short nap.  So not feeling well. (Tuesday)
3.  Stefanie Rowe... Took Dekker to HyVee.  Glad I did because those breathing treatments weren't going to help with the double ear infection. (Wednesday)
4.  Stefanie Rowe... just ran into Bag N Save to grab lip hair tweezers, face lotion and lip gloss before returning to work.  A little powder and I can face the public again.. (Thursday)
5.  Stefanie Rowe... praying said purchase at Bag N Save stays 'pending' in the bank account until the paycheck comes through at mid-night.  Yikes and Dang it. (Thursday).

And a bonus:
6.  Stefanie Rowe... considering the effects of Lanolin on my "Rudolph" nose.  Thanks, @ Becky Sallinger for the idea. (Friday)

 In all honesty, it was a rough start to this week.  On Wednesday Dekker was just a mess and I was, too.  I ran him into HyVee after he took a 50 min nap and woke up coughing so hard he was sobbing.  I felt so lousy that I wanted to sob, too.  The APRN was very nice and patient and diagnosed a double ear infection, which made me feel better in a weird sort of way.  Two doses of medicine and he was a new man.  I had a busy week in my clinic with rare morning appointments, which created some "gaps" in my day.  I usually get all my files up to date when this happens but just couldn't this week.  Bummer.   Looking ahead I'll have some time next week.  Here's to up-to-date paper files by this time next week.

Finally, I think everyone should check out my friend Beth's blog this week.

On the journey,


  1. Hoping you were feeling much better this week!! Sorry to hear it has not gone so well, hopefully everyone will be as good as new next week! Checked out the pics of Dekker too cute and thanks for the link to Beth's blog, loved it!

  2. How did I miss this post?! So glad the lanolin worked for you :) What a weird thing to keep on hand, but hey! Love ya!!