Friday, April 20, 2012

Quick FIve

This is going to be a truly "Quick" five.  Happy Friday, friends!

1.  My day started off wonderfully well when I got on facebook and learned that my friends Tim and Mindy got approved to bring their baby boy, Silas, home.  It is just amazing and they have been on a difficult, but faith filled journey that has been so close to my heart-- the type that you just can't get out of your mind and think about and pray for all the time.  Read about their adoption here.

2.  Another answered prayer-- God has provided a tremendous resource for our family.  Through a friend of a friend of a friend (and thanks to this blog) we have met a local mom whose son had the EXACT same surgery as Tucker, with the same surgical groups, at the same hospital, with the same insurance.  Her son has the exact same condition as Tucker and she has already provided us with a wealth of helpful information and even some pictures of their journey.  I can't wait to meet her and we plan to do lunch or supper sometime soon.  Thank you to everyone who has helped us search.  We have met several other "answered prayers" through all of you, and we are loving creating a community of people who know about his procedure, have had it before, know about it medically, etc.  Katy, my new friend, suggested I check out CranioCareBears.  If you want to know more about this condition or care to check it out you can here.

3.  Love seeing these two boys interact.  My heart truly does overflow with gladness, they are so stinkin awesome.  Tucker will not be contained much longer-- he is really rolling around and it is so fun. Dekker likes to have him sit in the Bumbo and be on his level. 

4.  We are still reeling from the great birthday extravaganza around here.  I was pretty laid back and pretty simple about the party last weekend at the park, purposefully so.  But I wanted Dekker to have a wonderful party and to have a special time just for him.  I am so worried that he is going to feel slighted through all this with Tucker.  Which he won't.  But I'm paying special care to make sure that he gets moments to feel special and that big things, like his birthday for goodness sake, don't get overlooked!  Here he is, a few days after the party, still loving his hat at the breakfast table!  More pictures to come.

5.  Next week is Week of Ministry at Nebraska Christian College.  I am on the "Omaha Team" and we are working with Rebuilding Together Omaha to make some repairs to a home in north Omaha.  I am thrilled for the chance to work with the homeowner, this quality organization, my "mentor" from Rebuilding Together, my co-worker Leslie, and the students from NCC.  We have a great team of 30 students and have big plans for the week.  It will be a week of full time working motherhood, and I am grateful for flexible grandparents and daycare friends and a supportive husband to help bridge the gap from our "usual".

Have a great weekend, everybody!

On the journey,

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