Monday, April 9, 2012

No News Is Good News

As the saying goes, "No News Is Good News."  At least that is what we are hoping.  We are in the middle of playing phone tag with the Cranial Facial Surgeon and the Neurosurgeon.  Apparently, the Cranial Facial guy can't get us in until early May.  Which is fine by us, as long as that is okay with the Neurosurgeon (whose staff made the appointment...).  There is a bit of a time stamp on this surgery, because after 6 months (May 16th for Tucker) the skull and its bones start to become more and more dense and therefore more difficult to reshape.  After 9 months the surgery is much more complex.

So this is our prayer request today-- that the surgeons would communicate and that Tuckers best interest would be in mind.  If it's okay to wait, we will wait.  If not, we would like an opening with Dr. Miller sooner so we can move forward.  By the way, your prayers are fantastic.  Every time I get totally overwhelmed, and afraid, and the anxiety comes over me with the weight of an elephant-- I think about how many people are praying for Tucker and I am almost instantly comforted.  It is weird but wonderful to actually feel prayers.  Thank you seems too weak for such an occasion... but sincerely, thank you.

In other news, we had a great weekend.  We went to Aurora where my folks were way too good to us.  They showered us with love and encouragement, yummy food, took the "night duty" with the baby, spoiled the boys, and we even took a nap on Saturday.  It was great!  Dekker's birthday was Saturday, and it was so fun because he "gets it."  We told him it was his birthday and then he said we ought to sing "Happy Birthday To You..." and eat cake and open presents.  So we did all three.  He loved having that song sang to him so much that I think we sang it four times... it was requested in-between "Twinkle Twinkle" and "Jesus Loves Me" at nap and at bedtime.  He is such a special, wonderful boy.  My heart almost explodes just thinking about him and I am reminded that Jesus, my heavenly father, looks at me and loves me (and you and Dekker and Tucker and _________) even more.  I can't imagine that, but that is the kind of love Jesus has for us.

Nana and Grandpa got Dekker a bike.  He is not nearly
old enough for this (ahem!) but he is sure good at it already!

Sunday was a great Easter, complete with ironing and ties and church and an Easter Egg Hunt and Easter baskets.  Seriously, present overload for the three year old by the end of the weekend.  But, we have had a blast playing with all the new stuff today.  I'm so thankful for the message of Easter every single day-- that our Redeemer Lives, has conquered the grave, and that we have hope for ETERNITY because of his sacrifice.

That's right, I had Dekker in a tie and a polo.  Thanks to my
sweet friend Jenny for helping me shop at the last minute--
nothing was too "matchy matchy" but it all coordinated.

Baby's First Easter Egg Hunt.

I am only adding this picture so that you all know I did indeed throw caution
to the wind and wear pink pants on Easter.  They were stylish and appropriate
and somehow this is the only picture I have where you can see them! 
And as the other saying goes... "I should be grading papers!"

On the journey,


  1. Wow! I continue to be grateful for your demonstration of faith. Praise God that you feel the prayers "real time" in the moment you need them most. A side note -- I love your playlist for this blog -- every time I visit I invariably let it play long after I'm done reading. So uplifting! ...and helpful for my own journey. THANKS!
    Brenda Wood

  2. Praying for you! Love seeing the pictures of those cute little guys! Glad your weekend was great. Hope to see you soon and maybe even meet up at the zoo. :) Love you!

  3. Stef - what a sweet, sweet family you have! Your courage along with your ability to find rainbows within the clouds is admirable and inspiring. We're praying for more rainbows for you! Julie Schneider