Thursday, April 12, 2012

"God Is Working Upstream"

This week has been precious.  I was off for Spring Break last week-- or I worked from home anyway.  In the meantime, several of my colleagues here at Nebraska Christian got the prayer request for Tucker.  Yesterday my office was buzzing with people stopping in to offer encouragement, to let me know they were praying for us, and even to stop and pray right then and there.  I appreciated this so much, and one of the prayers really stuck out to me-- when my colleague prayed that God would be working "upstream" on our behalf.  In other words, we are praying that God is taking care of details and has "gone ahead" of us.  It will be exciting to see how that plays out.

Today we heard from Dr. Treves, our neurosurgeon's, secretary.  She told me that the PA and Dr discussed our May 8th appointment with the Cranial Facial Surgeon and that they believe it is absolutely fine and that there is no need to rush that appointment and/or rush the surgery.  They are very comfortable with this timetable.  After the appointment on May 8th we will schedule the surgery, and possibly have a few appointments in-between.

Today we give thanks that God is working "upstream" in our life:
* We are thankful that we are not in a position to RUSH into anything, and that the doctors are comfortable that his present condition will not worsen while we wait, or make surgery more complicated.
* We are thankful that I will be able to make it through the semester without taking an absence.
* We are thankful that I have the summer OFF to help Tucker recover, without the stress of trying to balance my responsibilities at work.  (God was already working upstream and knew this would be the case when I took this job last year!)
* We are thankful that I will be able to preach at our church, Stonebridge, on Mother's Day.  This is the second time I have done this, I am so excited!
 * We continue to be thankful for Dave's job-- for his understanding co-workers and work from home capabilities.
* We are thankful for your prayers!  We feel confident, less anxious and grateful in ways we would otherwise not be able to.  We aren't thrilled to wait, but we know that sometimes God does His best work "while we wait" and we have faith that His timing will be perfect.  I am thankful for a period of "wait" to practice giving my anxiety over to Him, trusting Him more, and not "stewing".

Finally, I just have to post this picture.  His onesie is especially true today!  I stopped in front of a mirror about half an hour ago and I decided that I now officially look like I only got 3 hours of sleep last night (despite my best attempts with coffee, make-up, and Diet Coke)-- which is true thanks to this sweet, cuddly thing who is already getting his third tooth and was up all. night. long :)

The onesie says "My Mommy Is Exhausted!"

On the journey,

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