Friday, August 5, 2011

Quick 5 (My work-week in a nutshell)

Happy Friday everyone!  Here's to a pretty quick "Quick 5", as Dekker rams an old "walk behind" toy into the cupboards repeatedly.  Ah, Daddy just came up the stairs and Dekker ran over to him yelling "Hi Daddy! Hi Daddy!" with High 5's and an enthusiastic "yes"!  He is such a cool kid, seriously, we hit the jackpot with him.

1.  Monday-- In high school I ran with three sweet girls-- Sara, Jen, Amanda.  I love them.  There is something just totally wonderful about being with friends who knew you back then, and still love you today.  Our lives have changed, but whose hasn't!  Amanda has four kids, Jen has two-- including her sweet 12-week old baby girl Marah, and Sara has sweet Kolbe and lives in Arizona (boooo! We miss her!).  We took a few pics to send her way.
Oh 6 month belly.  I will "miss" you someday, but not when taking pictures :)
Sweet baby!
Another reason I love these girls?  Because when I show them this picture of my dad's new car they gasp just like I did!  "Steve Soden? Bought that!?!?!"  Thank you girls!  For fully understanding the impact of this awesome-ness!

It was a spectacular "play date" complete with chicken salad on croissant, fruit salad, and lots of kiddos running around.  Such a total joy, they also gave me lots of great ideas for Dekker's "big boy" room and "big boy" toys.  Being with these girls reminds me how much I miss them-- the only sad thing about being together!

2.  Tuesday-- My first "official" day at NCC was over-shadowed by the Cupcake Wars viewing party at the local Bliss Bakery downtown.  They did a great job representing Omaha and Bliss-- and Dave and I loved a mid-week babysitter and night "out."  We ate Happy Hour at Hiro 88 downtown before-hand with some fun friends.  Bliss was packed, so I sweat it out and had to leave ASAP before I fainted.  Thankfully I had random mail in my purse to fan my huge self with and my friend Cari had a random hair tie and I stripped down a layer and nearly ran around naked but chose not to.  Grandma and Grandpa Rowe babysat and apparently Dekker didn't want to go to bed, so he got to stay up late-- a little treat that warmed my heart a little.  I walked up the stairs and he said "Hi Mom."  Hahahaha. 

3.  Wednesday-- Another "play date" at my house with four friends and approximately 1,000 children.  It was a packed house, but it was great to be together.  I haven't yet downloaded the picture of Max, who stripped himself down and sat on the potty (like a big boy) with his helpers, Dekker and Quinn, unrolling an entire roll of toilet paper for him.  It got quiet, and when we found them in the bathroom we just laughed.  At least we're all pretty laid back.  And at least I have lots of toilet tissue hanging around.  And at least I have great friends to spend the morning with!

4.  Thursday-- My second official day at NCC.  I am going through lecture notes from the previous professor and updating with some of my materials and moving everything to PowerPoint.  It is a lot of office work and I'm looking forward to the arrival of students, but I'm pretty nervous, too.  I have been setting up my computer, voice-mail, and...tada... got business cards.  I also got a touch of a stomach/gastro bug Thursday.  Thankfully, everyone assumed I was in the restroom every 10 minutes because I'm pregnant :) 

Dekker was totally out of sorts Thursday night.  He kept waking up sobbing-- and I'm pretty sure he wasn't feeling well either.  He kept saying "ouchie" but couldn't say what it was for.  At about 9:30 Dave just decided to let him sleep in the crook of his arm in the big chair.  He turned on a show and low and behold, the babe wanted to watch TV.  Then he hopped down and started playing with his fire truck, so Daddy wisely put him in bed, crying and all.  He was out.  Dave also encouraged me to buy a new book on my Kindle and stay in the bedroom all night-- which I did after dinner and I do feel better today, for the most part.

5.  Friday-- I think Dekker and I are both feeling better, Praise the Lord!  I don't feel great, but not like yesterday, for sure.  We are heading to Lincoln tonight to do something fun with my brother's family, sans my brother :/  His wifey and kiddos are traveling through-- and I'm excited to see them and get the cousins together!  Any fun eatery suggestions, in addition to Chuck-y Cheese?

Happy Friday!
On the journey,


  1. Our kids like to just go to the mall, eat at the food court, ride the carousel, play in the play area etc.. good luck with your new job!

  2. I love this....and I'll join them....Your dad bought that? My dad will be so jealous. He thinks he needs a sports car, too. Must be a right of passage into old age. Haha! :) I'm trying to find a picture of Kolbe letters. This moving around thing is for the birds....I can't find anything! Hopefully we'll move again SOON tho. :) No word yet. Love you!

  3. I must say i think your Dad is going thru some kind of crisis, ha ha, but awesome car!!
    You look so great, miss you so much!!!
    Love you,