Friday, July 29, 2011

Quick 5 (Things that I bought on-line last night)

1.  Cow-Print Contact Paper: The "big boy" room continues.  I have scaled it back a little lot because I am running out of time and realizing more and more that Dekker, gosh, doesn't care :)  And because I am on my THIRD gallon of paint in that room, disliking the first two that I brought home.  Can we say "So Frustrated!"  (Can we say "Buy the sample size next time!!")  I'm trying not to adopt a "just get it done" attitude and to still do it well.  Pics to come. 

2.  140 Address labels from VistaPrint.  They were FREE with $3.11 shipping.  I am psyched-- I am always looking for these and at the rate that I love on-line bill pay and shopping 140 will last forever.

3.  A new car seat for Dekker.  (I found a much better deal on Amazon but I can't figure out how to log out so I'm not linking it.  I don't want you guys shopping on my one-click account!  Hahaha) For the last two years we have shared one car seat in the 4 Runner.  This means that I take Dekker to daycare, then buzz back home and switch cars so Dave has the car seat when it's pick up time.  I haven't minded, because generally the earliest appt I have is 10AM.  But now that I'm driving to the middle of Papillion by 9AM, I wanted to avoid that extra step in the mornings.  This seat breaks down and will work until college, anyway, so it was in some capacity something we would have to buy anyway.  I think it will be well worth the convenience!

4.  New liability insurance for counseling.  It breaks my heart to shell out this much money on something when I am getting out of the business, but it is absolutely necessary even if I just see a few clients.  It is, as this type of insurance goes, pretty reasonable, so why chance it.  I set 4 dates (total) on the calendar at my office for August, Sept, Oct and then am officially "done" in November.

5.  My text book for "Counseling as Ministry."  (Just figured the Amazon acct out.) Have I mentioned how excited I am?  I spent Thursday AM setting up my office, unloading boxes, filing papers, getting internet passwords, etc.  I start working out there on Tues/Thurs AM next week and I have some serious work to do!  But I'm thrilled.

I should also say that this "saved for and well planned shopping night" prompted a call from the fraud dept of my credit card first thing this morning.  Isn't that such a great feeling?  Thanks for looking out for me, Visa!  And yes, I did buy from "an insurance company", "cow depot" and "a book-store" all within an hour.

Happy weekend everyone!  We have a really fun weekend planned and I hope you do, too!

On the journey,

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