Friday, August 12, 2011

Quick 5 (Things Dekker is saying right now)

Happy Friday everyone.  I hope you have had a great week because we have around here.  Can you say gorgeous weather!!  So much fun, we have discovered bubbles and side-walk chalk and even gotten a few walks in.  I worked Tues/Thurs and am making great progress at the school, and I'm ready for the students to show up and just jump right in. Still a few more weeks to go, and I'll be thankful for the additional time in my office, I'm sure.

We've done some fun "adult" things this week, too.  I had a fantastic "Girls Night" Monday night with three other Mom's.  We usually get together with our kids and have about 5 total minutes to talk without disciplining our kids, chasing the kids, or having them crawl all over us.  We love it, and we love our kids, but it was great to sit and visit for---3 hours-- without them.  Wednesday when I was home I decided to pay bills-- like the $450 one that let us know Dekker didn't have any allergies (thank goodness for the HSA).  We pay cash for the first 4K of our medical expenses.  But don't feel bad for us because we pay zero monthly premium.  So we save that money instead and only use it when we have an expense.  Also on Wednesday I called "Dan", who sounded oddly like he was in New Delhi, and paid off our last student loan.  PRAISE THE LORD.  We have been "snowballing" our student loans and they went so fast at the end.  Now, we're debating what to do with the money we had been putting toward the loans.  "Eating Out and Wild Parties" got vetoed, so now we're debating between long-term savings, and our 4-Runner.  Thursday night we hosted a few friends for a BBQ feast.  We lost power for the entire time and about 3 hours total, and I wasn't having my best parenting night and oddly, Dekker didn't want to sit quietly with the adults-- but it was still a great time and gorgeous night to grill and sit on the deck.  Today is Friday and tonight I'm getting together with my sweet friend Jen.  What a week!

Okay, well on to the show!  Today's Quick 5 is about what Dekker has been saying lately.  He is speaking more and more and it is a riot.  He'll repeat anything, but these are his favorites for now.

1.  "No."  So classic.  He doesn't just say "No," but he screams it in a very determined way.  If I raise my voice, you better believe he raises his.  It has been an exercise in self control as I teach him how to handle his anger by evaluating how I handle mine.
2.  "Why, Mommy."  Also so classic.  He loves to ask Why.  I always give him a simple answer, which is quickly followed by "huh?". 
3.  "Thanks Mom".  I'm super proud of this one.  Whenever I give him anything, like a cup or lunch or help him with a toy-- he says "Thanks Mom."  He could get out of about any amount of trouble with this simple statement, but I'm not sure he's figured it out yet.
4.  "Yes, un-huh, hmmmm" and these happen while we pray for dinner.  Dave says a dinner time prayer and Dekker is very enthusiastic about agreeing with him while he prays.  I must do this without realizing it, and it's amazing what he catches on to.  So adorable and charismatic he is-- while he's doing this he is inevitably still trying to drink from his cup or take a bite.  I could eat him up.
5.  "Cup".  But it sounds like "Pop."  So when we're with friends or out in public and he casually says "Mommy I want pop" I feel like the worst mom in the world and start correcting him immediately-- "Do you want your Cup buddy?  Should we put some WATER in your CUP?"  The good news is that he is easy to please and simply giving him a "cup" filled with anything satisfies this request.  But I have found myself saying "We don't give him pop" about 100 times.  Why do I care?!?

Have a great weekend everybody.  We have a fun Saturday planned with a wedding in Lincoln.  Always love me a good wedding and love seeing the extended fam.

On the Journey,

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