Friday, August 19, 2011

Quick 5 (Things I'm looking forward to)

Happy Friday everyone-- we made it!  If last week was a week of socializing and mom's dinner out, then this week was a week of work .I worked Tuesday and then had orientation on Wednesday and Thursday.  It was pretty fun-- mostly because I'm so excited and thrilled to be there.  Thursday night I worked at JCA from 4:30-9:30-- which made for a long day considering I'd left the house at 7:30 that morning.  But it's over, and I survived.  And I there are lots of fun things to look forward to... which brings me to my Quick 5 today.

1.  Friday Play-Date-- We are heading to the Humane Society and then for a picnic at the park next door in about, oh, an hour.  Just love getting up and knowing I get to see these sweet friends and have something fun to do with Dekker.
2.  Saturday Casting Call-- that's right, we're taking Dekker to Village Pointe to be photographed for the Fat Brain Toys catalog Saturday morning.  Those eyelashes!?!?! I'm sure he'll probably make the cover.  Excited to have something to get up and around for, and maybe we'll even find a cup of coffee and an Old Navy sale!
3.  Saturday night work party.  Here's what I love about this the most-- A). Babysitter and night out with the hubby.  B). Dave gets to meet my co-workers.  C). I actually have co-workers and am not working alone at the end of a long hallway anymore.
4.  The new venue at Stonebridge!  Our incredible church has been building an alternative venue.  We are super excited that its "soft opening" starts this Sunday at 11:00.  There are three weeks of soft openings, followed by the grand opening on September 11th where it will be open every week at 9:30 and 11:00.  If you are looking for a church home in the Omaha area, I sincerely hope you will consider the authentic community at Stonebridge.  We love Stonebridge so much we invite strangers, which-- trust me, we have never done before.
5.  Sunday Zoo Day-- Dave and I were just talking about this weekend, and after nap on Sunday I think we'll head downtown and enjoy this gorgeous weather.  Sounds fun!

Here's to a great weekend!  I wasn't sure I would survive 30 hours of work in 3 days, but thankfully I have a fantastic Day Care Friend, a supportive husband, and the mental capacity to take "One Day At A Time."  Thankful for the opportunity to work, and thankful for a few days at home, too!

On the journey,

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