Friday, April 8, 2011

Quick 5

Well I'm kinda sad that all my posts are called Quick 5.  I need to do a better job of getting to this blog, especially because I love it. 

On any account, I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond today.  As I've said before I could fill up a cart there in a nanosecond and frankly I really have to watch myself.  Because suddenly I think that I need everything in sight-- like a fancy coffee maker (really might need one of those!), hamburger patty maker, dog bed, colorful tote, clearance pillow-- or anything off their impressive "As Seen On TV" wall.  Take me now, I need a list and a budget before I go there.  Thankfully, shopping with a 2 year old puts the brakes on things fairly quickly as he doesn't really offer a lot of time to lolly-gag around the store.  When we run errands he typically entertains himself with the cart seat-belt, which he likes to try and put together but can't quite get yet ("don't pinch yourself....").  Today he entertained himself by saying "hi" to every.single.person and by singing to himself.  The combo was DELIGHTFUL and absolutely adorable.  After a morning of whining and crying and getting into everything, I was thankful for a happy, contained boy.

Here is what I bought--
1.  A new non stick pan.  Simply Calphon Nonstick pan.  David hates ours, and I equally do-- and he has asked me several times to get a new one.  This one is hand wash only.  Did you know all non-stick is suppose to be washed in "non citrus" soap-- so no lemon scent, flowery scent, etc.  I asked for help and the little gal pointed me in the direction of several, and I chose this one based on price and quality-- it feels perfectly "middle ground" to me.  Planned purchase.  With a coupon.

2.  Salad Spinner.  I went with the OXO brand because I think they own half of BB&B.  Anyway, I feel like my salad has tasted "dirty" lately, so this was on my list even though I had no idea it was $30!  I got our first one as a gift (and I loved it) and I think Dekker broke it as a baby because who wouldn't love a glorified "top" in the kitchen cabinet.  My mother in law recently discovered some fantastic salad dressing plus my subscription to e-mealz has me eating more salads--- I forgot where I was going with that.  Planned purchase.  With a coupon.

But my son was just being so well behaved and I was roaming the aisles.  I was out of coupons, and I think purchasing anything there without one is against the law, but nay, there I wondered.

3.  Dish Drying Mat.  Even as I look that link up I am thinking, "What?  It's for dedicates?"  Well, I bought it because it looks super absorbent and I'm going to need that with my hand-washing non-stick, you know.

4.  Non-stick grilling basket.  Don't even ask and it was $6.  But I have high hopes that I can grill up all those veggies I plan to buy at the Farmers Market this summer.  Of course, that would mean that I plan ahead to get up and go to the Farmers Market, but you know. 

5.  Earthstone Grill Stone.  "Common Dekker, we need to go.  Mommy's out of money."

I mentioned my e-mealz subscription and all I can say is that I'm not ready to say anything yet.  We have tried a few recipes and have found the ingredients to be flexible, so I'm still giving it at least a moderate thumbs up at this time.  I loved having my grocery list printed for me and categorized!

I have been loving this weather and walking quite a bit.  So thankful for the warm sun, a sweet and healthy boy, a flexible job to be at home with him, a hard working hubby that makes it happen.  We are counting our blessings, for sure.

On the journey,

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  1. Must comment about the dish drying mat, I have the same one and I think it is the greatest. It washes great, and really does look better than a towel and absorbs so much more water. Enough about that, I sound like an info-mercial!