Monday, April 4, 2011

Quick 5

Oh my goodness I do not know where my time goes but it has not involved this blog for too long.   For some reason, when I get behind enough, I just kinda shrug like "Where do I start?" and then I don't start at all.  blah blah yada yada yada.

So I will add a few "quick" updates as they come to my mind:
1.  Dekker turns 2 this Thursday.  I can not have a birthday of his without remembering the day my water broke in CPR class and we met him for the first time.  Or the way I bossed the nurses around demanding a grilled cheese sandwich, and the way my husband looked as he was transformed into a Dad.  God has been 
2.  We had a crazy weekend with a fun party at the indoor play area at our church and my folks stayed Saturday night.  Dekker got lots of great toys, like a lawn mower, trike, wagon, tool bench and basketball hoop.  He also got some great new books and some clothes and probably other things I'm forgetting but am grateful for.  He has lots of words now like: eye, elbow, Mom, MOM, Hi, Dad, GraPa, Nana, Josie, No, NO, pew-y, please, more, and the list goes on.  He is so big.
3.  Admist all my love for him, we had a stay at home day today.  I purposefully planned nothing for today knowing we'd be recovering from the weekend.  I was thrilled it was so windy when I woke up, because that gives me a great excuse to play inside all day.  Except that by 10AM I'm clutching the Lego's bag half insane claiming "No, we are not going to dump these out again Dekker" and trying to forget my problems with Kathie Lee and Hoda.  I think my mental health might have done better with a walk and break at the park!
4.  I downloaded my first "E-Mealz" shopping list and menu today.  I got a $2/month special off one of the thousand on-line daily coupon sites (which I love) called  So I spent $12 for 6 months and then had a limited selection of menus to chose from.  I wanted to do the Weight Watchers menu but it wasn't available with the special so I did the low-fat instead.  This week's menu does look good.  It even has side dishes.  My list took approximately 5 minutes to print out, modify and add some of our staples to.  I'm headed to the store when Dekker gets up.  No real feedback yet-- I'll see how the shopping, recipes, portions, etc turn out before I get too excited.  E-Mealz has limitations for sure, but I'm as excited as I have been in awhile about menu planning and grocery shopping.
5.  My bestie Beth and I had a wonderful long weekend in Des Moines.  We saw the movie Lincoln Lawyer, which was suspenseful and fun.  We shopped World Market and the beautiful Jordan Creek mall.  We ate at lots of fun restaurants not in Omaha.  And we did a 1/2 day at a spa staffed by students.  It was quite the experience!  They were late getting started but the massage and facial were pretty good.  The mani/pedi was rushed and, frankly, horrible and the scalp massage/hair wash/blow-dry didn't happen because we were so far behind the gun due to the late start.  I wrote an email that night to the "spa" and I have been playing phone tag with the staff to see who to send it to.  Basically, though it was still a great experience and seriously gave us enough material to laugh about for years.
I am forgetting so much!  But for now I am going to spend the last 15 minutes of this nap time picking up around here!
On the Journey,


  1. So glad you're back! You know I check this every day at work. I love reading your writing....always have. :) On another note, I love your sister-in-law's blog. On Saturday, I cleaned my house while jamming out to the music on her page. Tell her thanks for the entertainment!

  2. YAY!!! Welcome back, I have been waiting for a new post-- I love hearing about you and all that you are up to! Happy Birthday to sweet Dekker-- I can't believe that you have been a mama for 2 years!!! Amazing!


  3. Stef,
    So glad for your post!!
    Can't believe that sweet boy is going to be 2, so much fun!!!!
    Love you,

  4. Tell Dave what Sara said about that "annoying" music on my little bliggity blog! :) HA! Love ya.