Saturday, October 23, 2010

Random Saturday Ramblings & Bootcamp Results

My Saturday's typically look a little something like this: Get up 'early' with Dekker knowing that I will get to sleep in on Sunday.  Breakfast, playtime, what-have-you, lunch, errands, nap time, Husker football, food, playtime with the neighbors, dinner, bed.  Or something of that nature.  Then there is this window between Dekker's 7:30 bedtime and sushi and SNL at 10:30 that I fill writing out random things on this blog.  Hahaha.  I think I have yet to put together a "well-written" cohesive blog on a Saturday night.  Probably b/c I'm so hungry because I'm "saving" all my calories for sushi.  Anyway... ... 

So here are a few of the Random Ramblings I've thought about tonight--
* I love cold weather because it THRILLS me that people bring their dogs inside and they don't bark their heads off all evening long.  Nights like tonight when I am sitting around with windows opened and getting serenaded by the neighbor dogs does not do my blood pressure well.  I also like cold weather because it forces some of my chatty neighbors to move the chatty party INSIDE.  And I love fires in the fireplace but I'm not sure how that will work out with a toddler.

* I love Husker football about as much as I love my little Husker in his red track suit.  Tonight we taught him the "touch-down" sign, which he proudly did all night long while trying to say the word.  In case I don't say it enough, I love that kid and being his mama.

* I found a steal of a deal on a winter coat for Dekker the other night.  I didn't buy it b/c the hood doesn't come off.  Then I tell Dave this and show him the coat and he thinks it's no problem and I guess I don't either so we buy it.  Pewter color.  Originally  $70 at LandsEnd and on sale for $19.99 (free shipping) on their Overstock page.  It's going to look great with a red Husker stocking cap :)

* I sat down and had coffee with my bestie, Beth for an hour and a half this week.  It was great to catch up-- even though we talk almost everyday for a few minutes-- we needed that talk-it-all-out-and-get-totally-caught-up-time.  I contemplated that with my relationship with God this week.

* We went to the Brookside "Married Live" event Friday night after having some great Mexican.  Thanks to our friends Kelly and Chad for sharing two tickets-- we met some awesome peeps at our table and heard a very interesting speaker, Michael Franzese, a former Mob Captain.  He and his wife talked about sticking it out no matter what and I was uncomfortable for anybody in that arena in an physical or emotionally abusive relationship.  I read wwaayyyy too much into these things, and my job jades me somewhat, but I worry about women who stay in super unhealthy relationships because they can't bear the shame of being a divorced Christian.  But it was good and I want to read his book.  Anyway...

* I have been slower at work lately, giving me some time to think about Christmas.  Soden Family Christmas is over Thanksgiving, so I have been trying to get a start on my shopping.  And, I have 11 beautiful nieces and nephews to buy for in some capacity.  I have made great progress.  And I like spreading the cost over a few months.

*My scale broke.  I couldn't be happier...

... this brings me to my "bootcamp" results...

Bootcamp Results:
Pre-Test (Sept 13): Cardio-- 13 laps in 12 minutes; 38 sit-ups; 19 push-ups; 39" flexibility
Post-Test (Oct 22): Cardio-- 17.75 laps; 45 sit-ups; 30 push-ups; 43" flexibility

Things I loved about bootcamp:
* Accountability
* Consistency
* Meeting sweet women
* Feeling stronger and having the results to prove it
* "Pushing through the pain" on our final run on Friday and learning more about my body and how to push it.
* Increasing my hand weights from 5lb, to 8lb and even some 10lbs at times.
* Signing up to do it all again!

I have said before that it's not the perfect work-out BY FAR.  But it is for sure more than I probably would be doing-- especially in the way of weight lifting.  I didn't lose a lot of weight, maybe a lb or two, but I feel fantastic and I do think we are doing more toning than we think.   And my clothes feel good, and I have ate (very, very) well and haven't gained.  I'd be crazy not to do it again, especially for the price (compared to other 'bootcamps' in town).  I feel so much better about myself when I am consistently working out.  I will get a new scale, but it might be awhile :)

Well, enough for tonight.  Hope you are all doing well, too.


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  1. Awesome boot camp results!!! You are really inspiring me to be diligent with my eating habits and staying in shape. I wish my scale would break, maybe it will one of these days when I smash it against the ground :)