Sunday, October 17, 2010

There is... No. Place. Like. Nebraska

This Saturday Dave and I had the opportunity to go to the Husker vs Texas game.  Tickets were selling for $350 a seat, but we got ours for free through my dad and his work.  We had a great day Saturday-- we left about 10AM and traffic was horrible.  We were still 4.5 hours from game time and I-80 was already bottle-necked.  It was nuts!  We met my folks and took one car to campus, where we got a sweet parking deal.  Our seats were 96 rows up in the North end-zone.  Our backs were to the old press boxes, and even though it was a long ways up, I loved having the extra space behind us and standing up on my seat.

Mom & Dad Soden and Dave and I at the Husker Nation tailgate.
Skeeter Barns restaurant catered in and it was delish.

This is what we look like 96 rows up!

My mom tripped in the masses of people going into the stadium.
She was such a trooper but her foot was mega swollen by the end of the day.

The Sea of Red.

Finally getting to release balloons when we finally scored!

This is how we found Steve and Suz after an 11 hour day with Dekker!

Well, clearly the game didn't go our way, but it was still fun.  It was fun to look forward to, fun to spend the day with Dave and my folks, and made me squeeze our little boy just that much more this morning after missing him all day yesterday!

On the journey,


  1. HAHAHA!!! I love all your pics, there IS something about being there and getting into all that crazy Husker energy :) I'm laughing because my GO BIG RED post is so completely opposite :) Love ya, glad you had a fun day!!

  2. So I go to 6 Oregon State games a year and only one of them has ever compared to the level of intensity that existed at the one Husker game I went to. Those games are crazy!!