Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sunglasses & More

Sunglasses and More? Many of you are probably reading through hoping for the "more." Hahaha.

Welcome to my new IP address. Due to the confidential nature of my job, I decided to remove my name from my blog address. The old address is going to become my counseling website so that when people google my name that is what they find, not this :) I'm getting ready to teach a class at Grace University, too, and wasn't sure if I wanted all those (Google savvy) students to get to know me this well. Plus, now my blogging hero Becky can show me all her tricks. I plan to copy everything about her blog! Hahaha.

I have decided that I want to buy some prescription sunglasses. I went on a walk with my friend Suzanne awhile back and she said she wanted some new eyeglasses, which I encouraged since her current ones are from 1996. So... I tell her that Lens Crafters is having 50% off and I'm sure she could find some for 40 bucks. Yep, you read that right. Somehow I thought that was true.

So last Wednesday we hit the town with Little Man and went to Lens Crafters. I had in my mind that I was willing to spend $50 out of our health savings account for this. I had the big stroller so we had to use the escalator in the very back hidden hallway of the nearest department store. Anyway... let's just say that the 50% off is just lenses, which is a pretty great deal to be honest. But... no where near 40 bucks. I laugh out loud. Was I delusional? We both found a pair, and my sunglasses, with the 50% off the lenses was just over $215. Because they are prescription. The frames were about 40 bucks, but somehow I lost in my mind that the lenses would be much, much more. And with sunglasses there aren't a lot of options in the ol' lenses department. Just in case you were wondering. Also, at one point I was holding several pairs of glasses and then put my own on and the lady helping me asked, "Are those yours?" I answered, "yes." She said, "Those are interesting."

So we went to Target, because why not spend an afternoon price matching glasses deals. They had 20% off glasses and 50% off sunglasses with the purchase of a pair of glasses. So Suzanne, one of the thriftiest people I know, and I, who loves a bargain, started wheeling and dealing. The man was... willing... to let us combine the offer with two different prescriptions. Then he said if we wait until the 28th we can get 30% off the regular glasses. This is getting boring so I'll hurry up. I found a pair. And I'll save quite a bit. But I have to wait but seriously, I've gone this long.

My eyes really changed after I had Dekker. The eye doctor I saw (at Sams Club-- again, looking for a bargain) said that this happens and that my eyes have a hard time focusing-- that my brain can't bring the images in together which is why my eyes were but stuck in the squinting position for several months. I am addicted to my glasses and I love them. I put them on the minute I wake up. And, who knew, but I am a fan of clear vision. So much so that I want it in the sun and while driving. Because I've been wearing these regular glasses to the pool this summer. There, do you see them on me.

I did go to Women of Faith last weekend. My friend Jenny and I have a special re-cap in store for everyone Wednesday. Come back for more then!

On the journey (with clear vision!),

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