Friday, August 20, 2010

Skip In My Step

Just a quick post as I figure "blogger" out.  I am just so overjoyed today to say that I am feeling so much better.  I really feel like I am coming out of a FOG of mono and this last summer.  What a drag, man.  I honestly want to be mad at someone that this awesome summer, and such a fun age of Dekker, was somewhat tainted with mono, a sinus infection, 3 ear infections, pink eye, and a throat/tongue infection.  And that was just me.  Dekker was sick with me almost step for step-- now leading his doctors to think that he possibly had mono, too.  But hope is on the horizon.  I don't feel COMPELLED to sleep all afternoon.  I love a good nap, trust me, but I was literally falling over on the couch during Dekker's nap and sleeping for HOURS.  Now, I don't really even sleep during the day-- I more "rest."  Sometimes I do have bad days, and I think it takes me longer to recover from big weekends (like Women of Faith).  But that's manageable.  Yes, this could have been a better summer-- but we still had lots of great memories and this, too, is a part of our story and will be a "remember when" soon enough.

I worked out Monday night.  It was great.  And I just got home from a behind kicking again.  Thank you sweet hubby for putting Dekker down so I could scoot off to the gym 30 min before nap time.  (One more reason I love a "work from home" Dad.)  I cussed the teacher out in my mind about 20 min in.  That's how I know it's a serious work out.  (Smile-- I really don't cuss.  But I get pretty dang mad!)

Off to clean up this house, do some work (oh maybe, drag), and get myself together so Dekker and I can run some errands this afternoon before a fun weekend, which I'm sure I will tell you all about soon.

On the journey,

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