Monday, August 9, 2010

More Bloggers Block...

More random ramblings from my living room while I try and conquer bloggers block.  Thanks for sticking in there with me.

* Dekker has been napping beautifully at daycare-- consistent 3 hour stretches, but giving me fits the last several days.  What's up with that?  He went down later than usual today and I can hear him singing to himself right now.  "Go to sleep child."  I have had to start reminding myself that he is not disappointing, even when his napping is.  It nearly infuriates me.

* Yesterday Dekker used actual words in context.  Dave and I were driving with him in the backseat to church and we were both eating bananas.  Dekker starting whining from the backseat "BNana, BNana."  Adorable.   I rewarded his whining with a little piece of "BNana."  Then fed him supper at church.  Have you seen him eat?  Trust me, he's not going hungry.

* I am considering taking the "Train the Trainer" class through Boys Town Parenting classes.  I really need some help at work, plus I figure it is great info for Dave and I to have.  My delima: I need to take the older kids class for work, but want to take the younger kids class personally.  And, I want to take Love and Logic through Jewish Family Services.  My normal standard would be to take all the classes and compare them and just love that research/gathering information phase.  But I don't have the hours in the day (or night!) to take parenting classes and workshops all over town for various age groups!

* I am helping teach one hour of the Grace University "Group Counseling" class this fall on Thursday nights.  I am thrilled.  It will take away my 7PM slot on Thursday nights at work, but I am mostly glad it fell on a work night so I'm not away from home an additional night.  They only teach the class in the fall, so it is a pretty short commitment.  I'm looking forward to the challenge, and a little worried that I won't know what's going on and the students will look at me and think, "Why is she here?  I know more than she does."

* After singing to himself for 48 minutes, I just went back into Dekker's room, checked his diaper, rocked him and turned the fan on.  "Common buddy, you need a nap!"  Dekker loves a pitch dark napping arena.  This is my fault.  I was so desperate to get him to sleep during his first few months that I created this awful habit.  Now, I am all but to foil his bedroom window but keep reconsidering for fear our neighbors will think we're growing meth.  Do I just indulge the darkness or try and teach him to nap when it's lighter?  I say napping doesn't last forever so I might be ordering those black out curtains from JCPenny soon!  They're all on sale this week.  Don't worry, we already have the blackout blinds.  I just want to add curtains, too.

* I love the website One Step Ahead. Just wanted to share!

* I've been wanting to actually decorate Dekker's room.  My Grandma died when I was about 36 weeks pregnant, and I spent a lot of time on the road and writing her eulogy the last month when I had hoped to decorate.  I've NEVER regretted his bare walls for the final memories with Grandma.  But I've been thinking that I would like to do something that would transition to his toddler room someday.  Solar System?  No.  Sports?  Not for us.  Huskers?  Overdone.  I have been thinking and thinking and just can't decide.  Until now.  I'm inspired.  Western.  Lookout buckaroos.  We have us a rootin' tootin' bedroom to put together.  I'm thinking cow prints, handkerchiefs, denim, blues and reds and rope.  I'm pretty sure my Mom's mom and dad have plenty of hand-me-downs and belt buckles to make this happen on a pretty good budget.  I love it already.  Plus, I would love to have some of Mimi and Papa's stuff in our house!

*Dekker is still awake.  He's been in there happily talking to himself for one hour and 7 minutes.

* I'm going to Women of Faith this weekend.  I'm looking forward.  I sign up for these things remembering how I felt last time I went and was walking out. Kinda like the gym, I sometimes dread going in but love coming out.  Not that I'm not thrilled to go-- but you know, buying the ticket, arranging daycare, driving downtown, being with a mass group of people (always kinda freaks me out), etc. etc.  Some friends and I got a hotel room downtown for Friday night.  Yay!

* Deep Breath.  I've gained back some of the 13 lbs I lost.  I can't decide if this is legitimate gain, or water/hormones/etc.  I don't feel like I've gained that much back.  I'm about to the point of making a great big change or giving up.  Maybe I'll just get pregnant again so I can forget it all for a good year.  Hahaha.  That was a joke.  For the most part.  No, I am not pregnant.

* Another deep breath.  (Aren't you glad you stuck around long enough in this post to get to the confessions?) I'm 6 days into p90x.  I haven't lost a pound and am so sore I can barely walk down stairs or sit down, but I'm trying to trust the "system."

* So curious to see what Dekker does tomorrow at daycare at nap time.

* More deep breaths.  I'm having my house deep cleaned Thursday by a cleaning lady referral from a friend.  I am so happy.  She is so reasonably priced.  All weekend I was stressed about our house and then I reminded myself that Mary is coming Thursday.  Glorious.  But since I work late on Thursday nights I don't go in until noon.  And I don't want to sit around my house while it's being cleaned (the definition of LAZY, mono or not).  What to do.  What to do.

* Has Dekker been in his crib for nearly 90 minutes and still talking to himself?  Yes.  Am I going to go get him before he falls asleep?  Absolutely not.  This could be partly my fault.  I may have missed his "nap window" by keeping him out too late-- he kinda got a "second wind" when we got home from a fantastic morning playdate.  Sometimes I think he's more flexible than he is.  But common buddy!

That's all for now.

On the journey,



  1. I love reading your blog, Stefanie! Your stories about Dekker are so cute (Becky told me he is even more adorable in person than he is in pictures!) and I love reading about the way you manage being a mom and being a counselor. Kudos for always giving me great lunch-time reading! :)

  2. I've been waiting for you to post. Now that I'm back at work, it's almost a routine to check to see what you're up to. I say the weight gain is from know the saying, muscle weighs more than fat? Keep it up girl. Proud of you....I'll be asking for advice on getting the baby lbs. off come the first of the year. Love you...Miss you! Let's get this girls trip planned soon! :)

  3. Hurray for new blog posts! :-)

  4. Don't you fret yourself about Dekker's nap strike. It'll all even out again, even if it is annoying. At least he's not screaming to be let out, right? Just let him enjoy his alone time, and by all means keep putting him down for a nap!

  5. on the nap thing, the babysitters can always get Kattey to take a nap and I can't, ugh! :(
    jelous of the women of faith, i love those!
    have fun.

  6. WOW! This was great reading. I feel really caught up with you now. Would you mind sending me the contact info for Mary? Not sure if we will use it now - but we've been given 'housecleaning' as a gift in the past and I need the contact names.
    And finally, I'm looking forward to spending a little time with you at Women of Faith. Until then...

  7. Finally, some good reading material! Thanks :) You are such a smart mom. Rowen does the same thing when we keep him out too late in the morning. That second wind just kills him :) But, we keep doing it, it's still worth it! Those playdates are the best ones, usually! Love ya, can't wait to hear how Mary is!