Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quick Update

Harass Cranial-Facial Surgeon's staff?  Check.

The sweet assistant to our Cranial-Facial Surgeon, Colleen, has been "helping" me this week.  Mostly, she has been tolerating my harassment :)  We talked Monday, and today, and both days the news was the same-- no letter from the surgeon yet to even send to insurance.  Ug.  She did say that once the letter is dictated and signed that she will follow up with insurance personally by fax or phone and maybe "help things along."  It is so frustrating for this to be so completely out of our hands, yet affect us so much.  Particularly in regards to scheduling, we would like to let Dave's employer know and rearrange some plans for the summer if we need to.  However, we know that it will eventually get done and we trust that Tucker is just fine while he waits.  And we know that God has great plans for us and that His timing is perfect.  In the mean time I find myself saying things like, "I know you're just doing your job, and I'm just trying to do my job as a Mom..."

Three other quick things:
1.  Happy 6 month birthday, Tucker.  How did you get so big?
2.  Please check out my facebook page to see how you can vote for to win the Aveeno Challenge, which is $1,000 for winning the monthly contest and up to $10,000 if they win the whole thing.  You have to vote on Aveeno's facebook page and it only takes a sec, no signing up required.
3.  A few people have asked about my sermon on Sunday.  I felt like it went just fine and got some wonderful feedback from visitors and regulars alike, and you can listen to the podcast here:  I do, however, hate the podcast.  It's so one-dimensional, but whatev, Glory to God if it somehow blesses you.  If not, just shut it off!

On the Journey,

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